I am not a professional movie/tv critique. So please do not expect much from reading my reviews. I may say something about the cinematography or how bad the acting was or how bad the lighting or the make up was but these are all just based on my perspective. I just write how I feel... Continue Reading →

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Bucket List

I just turned 29 today, yay! Happy birthday to me. So yeah, this is the list of things I would like to do before I turn 30, hopefully, or before I die. LOL. Updated as of 05/04/2019 02:20 AM MNL Color my hair blue. Bring my son to Enchanted Kingdom again and ride the Rio... Continue Reading →

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Touken Ranbu 2019

Native Title: 刀剣乱舞 Also Known As: Tōken Ranbu , Wild Dance of Swords No download information available as of writing.   I decided to watch this to support Japanese movies locally. I don't have any expectations and I don't even know what the movie is about. LOL. I just know I have to watch it... Continue Reading →

My son’s dirty ears

I've never been able to clean my son's ear since he went pass the age of 2. He doesn't want anybody putting anything inside his ears. Now the fill in his ears are quite bad already and it REALLY needs to get cleaned now. So day before yesterday I had my sister try to clean... Continue Reading →

Last Friends

I just recently finished watching a 2008 Dorama entitles Last Friends. I decided to write an article at My Drama List regarding the show. The article is about why I HATE and LOVE the dorama.   Please be aware though that there will be spoilers on the article.   Please head on to the site,... Continue Reading →

Cafe Funiculi Funicula (2018)

Native Title: コーヒーが冷めないうちに Also Known As: Before the Coffee Gets Cold , Kohi ga Samenai Uchi ni , Café Funiculi Funicula Rated 8.3/10 via MDL. You can get the raws from here and the subs here.  Please join the community and thank the subber.   The movie itself was not something you've never seen before.... Continue Reading →


I found a site online that offers FREE Japanese course. The website is: http://www.marugoto-online.jp The Marugoto Japanese Online Course is a course for learning Japanese language skills comprehensively, and offered in the Japanese learning platform, JF Japanese e-Learning Minato, operated by the Japan Foundation. The website supports multiple languages like English, Indonesian and Spanish. You just... Continue Reading →

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