I am not a professional movie/tv critique. So please do not expect reading something about the cinematography or how bad the acting was or how bad the lighting or the make up was. I am not capable of writing such. LOL. I just write how I feel after watching a certain series/movie. And I just wanted... Continue Reading →

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Bucket List

I just turned 29 today, yay! Happy birthday to me. So yeah, this is the list of things I would like to do before I turn 30, hopefully, or before I die. LOL. Updated as of 10/05/2018 04:30 AM MNL Color my hair blue. Bring my son to Enchanted Kingdom again and ride the Rio... Continue Reading →

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Itoshi No Irene

I intended to watch this film to show my support to the Japanese Movie industry and to the Pinay Indie actress who played the title role Irene, Nat Sitoy. SPOILERS AHEAD!! The movie delved into the reality that's currently happening in Asia or maybe in some other part of the world. Marriage for convenience or... Continue Reading →


Native Title: ディーリー This series is rated 7.8/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.7 via MDL. You can download the raw via Nyaa.si or here, and get the sub via D-Addicts. Also, if you would like to support the subber, please donate a coffee or something. 🙂 Visit her twitter account and check there how... Continue Reading →

Miss Sherlock

Native Title: ミス・シャーロック This is rated 7.4/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.3/10 via MDL. This is available via HBOOnDemand, so please watch it legally if you can from here. But if you cannot you can get it from here. I like the word play they did for the names like WATO(-san) for Watson, Moriaka... Continue Reading →

Cold Case Season 1

Native Title: コールドケース ~真実の扉~ Also Known As: Cold Case - Shinjitsu no Tobira This series is rated 7.4/10 via IMDb and us rated 8.4/10 via MDL. You can get the series from here.   WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD!! I have not seen the original English version of this series except for a few CMs on TV... Continue Reading →

Chihayafuru Trilogy

Native Title: ちはやふる 上の句 Also Known As: Chihayafull , Chihayafuru Part I , Chihayafuru Kami no Ku , Chihayafuru , Chihayafuru: Lower Phrase , Chihayafuru: First Verse Native Title: ちはやふる 下の句 Also Known As: Chihayafuru Part II , Chihayafuru Shimo no Ku , Chihayafuru: Second Verse , Chihayafuru: Lower Phrase Native Title: ちはやふる -結び- Also... Continue Reading →

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