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Review Clarification.

I am not a professional movie/tv critique. So please do not expect reading something about the cinematography or how bad the acting was or how bad the lighting or the make up was. I am not capable of writing such. LOL. I just write how I feel after watching a certain series/movie. And I just wanted… Continue reading Review Clarification.

JDorama, Movie Review

All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa’s Eyes

Native title: 万能鑑定士Q モナ・リザの瞳 Romaji: Bannou Kanteishi Q Monariza no Hitomi English Title: All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa's Eyes     The story was nice. Ayase  was a great actress. I was engaged and it made me think.   I felt lacking though, I hope they explained further how she became an appraiser. I cannot… Continue reading All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa’s Eyes

JDorama, Movie Review

The 100th Love With You

English Title: The 100th Love With You Native Title: 君と100回目の恋 Romaji: Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi This has a great plot, it's not something you haven't seen before but the way the story was told was just great. Painfully beautiful. I first used the term with A Beautiful Life (series) and this will just… Continue reading The 100th Love With You

JDorama, Movie Review

ReLIFE リライフ

If given the chance to go and change your life, would you take it?   Native title: ReLIFE リライフ   This is a manga / anime adaptation and I have not seen any of the two. I actually enjoyed the movie as it is. It's not cliche. I liked the chemistry of the cast they used.… Continue reading ReLIFE リライフ