New Job

I’ve been with my previous company for 3 years and 7 months. I though I’ll be with them forever but I guess there really is no such thing as forever, huh? (Bitter lang ang peg)

I had to find another job as the owner of our company sold us to another company which I despise because of a lot of possible reasons. (Hi, Hellorica friends.) Want me to enumerate? Bad managements, delayed pays and incentives, among others.

So going back, I had to find another job. And I was able to. I now work for Safeway Philippines. It’s a company directly owned by Safeway (Albertsons’ Company in the US). Yup, direct hire. And I’m so glad that I’ve gotten off the BPO industry. Welcome me to the ITO club. Yup, IT company, IT job description. IT.

It’s not that I’m not thankful with my BPO roots, BPO helped me survive. As of right now though, after 5 years of being a call center and being mocked as a “CALL CENTER AGENT LANG” I wanted to get a job related to what I took in college. Since I graduated BS Computer Science, I really wanted to work with computers. I actually wanted to be a technician, you know, those who fixed actual computer, removing part, replacing them, and sorts. But then, they do not usually want females as technician, for reasons I do not know.

So now I work as an IT Service Desk support for Albertsons’ ( I said Safeway earlier, but they were bought already, so there)  less hassle, less stress. I don’t get screamed at by stupid people who has 1 tv not working out of all the 7 they have at home. Those who wants me to make magic and make their tv work without them doing anything. I’m glad that I will not speak with dumb people who compplains that their TV is not working when it wasn’t even plugged up to begn with.


I’m happy where I am right now and I hope to last more than the years I’ve rendered with my previous company.


Was I able to mention the good benefits with my new company?

13 month pay, 14th month pay, SL, VL, Birthday Leave, Provident Funds, 50% Dependent coverage for HMO, 300K HMO Limit.



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