Crazy Love (Part 1)




Everyone has their own share of darkness, own share of secrets.

“For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.”

JEAN DEBUFFET, New Yorker, Jun 16, 1973

“I’m not sick, I’m twisted. Sick makes it sound like there’s a cure.”


“I was never insane except upon occasion when my heart was touched.”


Nico or Nicomaine Dei Mendoza is not your average lady. She’s pretty, intelligent and she came from an old rich family. But what makes her “different” are not those attributes, it was her a weird inclination to things “dark”, bad and borderline insane.

She has a long brownish hair. Her eyes are big, mesmerizing. Her mouth can be compared to that of Angelina Jolie that every female would get jealous of. As a whole, she’s very pretty, no scratch that, she’s very beautiful. She’s already used to hearing praises from “friends” and people she interacts with of how beautiful and lucky she is with her life. If they just know how fucked up she is.

Nico has always been fascinated of things, movies and books with dark psychotic themes, she has no know why. It’s been like that as long as she can remember. She seemed to have been wired differently.

Her parents are currently residing in the USA with her siblings. They have asked, rather, begged her to go to the US with them but she declined, multiple times. She chose to stay in the Philippines to avoid them seeing how twisted their beloved daughter has become. She has lived with her Yaya Pepe since her parents migrated when she was fifteen years old.

Her Yaya is there to attend to her needs, she cooks for her, washes her clothes and cleans the house, she loves her Yaya but she doesn’t want her to be dragged to her  world. So she kept to herself, interacting with her as less as possible. She hugs and smiles at her on her birthdays or during christmas, to show her Yaya that she does appreciate her being there for her. But when she turned eighteen, she asked her Yaya to retire, she gave her enough money to keep her silent and not have her inform her parents of her decision. And three years after, she still lives alone in her parents house.

Nico can’t remember clearly when she started getting aroused just by seeing movies where the main character gets groped, raped or tortured. She first dreamt of being tied and fucked at the age of fourteen.

Nico can vaguely remember the first time it happened, all she remembers is the bedimpled face of the guy who was touching her private part making her wet in her dream and in real life. It was like she’s experiencing a lucid dream. She woke up with a smile on her face, panting. Since then, she knew that she’s different. Since then, she anticipates going to sleep to dream of being tied up and fucked again in a different way by the same exact bedimpled guy from her dreams.


Richard Faulkerson Jr, “Chard” was raised by his twisted uncle, which made him grew up like one. He was left to this uncle by his mother when his father died. His mother went abroad to work and is sending all the penny she can, expecting that his son is getting the best. At least that’s what she was made to believe. His mom went back to the Philippines and died of heart attack after finding out what happened to him. He did study in a good school but his mom found out that his uncle taught him things that a kid like him shouldn’t know. He was eighteen when that happened.

“Uncle Derreck, can you tell me the truth?” Chard said.

“What truth are you talking about?”

“Mom said that she was sending money monthly, for me, aside from my school fees.”

“So? Whatever she’s sending you can consider as payment for me helping you with your studies and teaching you my ways.” He then laughed loud.

He was so mad at his uncle after finding out the truth, he poisoned him, slowly. When he died he took all the riches the asshole took from his mother and left him to rot inside his house. He even wanted to burned the fucking house down but he decided against it at first, then changed his mind. He burnt the house to the ground eventually. 

“Are you ok kiddo?” The fireman asked him after he was rescued from his uncle’s burning house. 

“Yessir.  But my uncle, where is he?” He asked crying. 

“I’m sorry son, your uncle was not able to survive the fire.” The fireman then hugged him. He made sure his cries can be heard but deep onside he was rejoicing. 

He deserves to be burnt with that house.  He thought. He can’t hide the smile forming on his face. Good thing he’s face was hidden by that hug. 

“Are you sure you’ll be fine kid?”

“Yes, thank you sir.” He walked slowly and when he noticed that everyone is busy trying to salvage what they can, he went to a garbage bin where he stashed all the money he stole from his uncle’s safe and walked away with a huge grin on his face. 

He was 18 when his uncle “died”. It has been 5 years since that happened.

He was taught how to be ruthless. 

His uncle told him that he was a natural and he knows deep inside even as child that his uncle is correct. His uncle taught him how to be a good thief. He learned how to charm his way through things and he learned how to use his beautiful face to his advantage.

“Miss, do you know how sexy you are wearing that red dress?” He asked the waitress who was serving him while eating at a restaurant near the room he was renting. 

“Thank you.” She said shyly. He took her hand and used his thumb to rub her hand lightly. 

“You have a very soft hand.” He said and showed his bedimpled smile before kissing her hand. “How much for my meal?” He asked still rubbing her hand gently.

“That’s free, it’s on me.” She smiled sweetly. She was about to walk away when Richard grabbed her butt chick and squezzed it that made the waitress whimper in surprise.

Richard then moved his index finger near his mouth. “Sshhhsss!” He then stood up and went outside the restaurant.

Yes he’s a guy but has been described multiple times as beautiful, eventually he got used to it. He has white complexion. He stands 5 feet 10 inches in height, a toned body that he worked hard to achieve and a bedimpled smile. He has a scar on his face, which he got when he was 10 years old after getting involved in a knife fight though he always tell whoever asks that it was a scar from having chickenpox as a kid. By the way, he started that knife fight, just because he was bored. Nobody knew he started it, he swore that he was the victim, he even shed tears to make it more believable.

“No, he started it.” Richard said with tears streaming down his face. 

The other kid just looked at him, while the paramedics are attending to his wounds.

“I… I… I just had to fight back.” He said stuttering, making sure he sounded tired and broken thought inside he’s cheering himself for another job well done.

“Don’t worry kid, he will survive,  but I’m sure he can’t harm you again.” The paramedics then took the other kid inside the ambulace.

“Stop the crap Richard. Don’t waste your tears, you have no audience any more.” His uncle said and tap his shoulder. “Why?”

“I got bored.” He said and walked back to his uncles house.

He made them believe that the guy he almost killed started the whole mess. He went home grinning. The scar added more to his beauty, some say it added more to his character.

Because of his beauty he became one of the sought after bachelors in the country at the age of 23. He has bedded lots of women, some even paid just to be with him for a night. He’s been with beauty queens and celebrities, man, he has even fucked the president’s daughter. Aside from getting laid and paid, he always has souvenir of his “adventures”. Either diamond studded earrings worth millions, or a hundred year-old antique choker, anything that he can or want to “pick-up” from the house of the lucky girl he spent the night with.

Chard was a man that cannot be satisfied in bed easily.

“Oohh yes.” He said while he was holding the womans hair making her swallow his girth whole. He can hear the woman gag, but he couldn’t care less. “More.. ” He demanded. 

He pushed and pulled her head, he was fucking her mouth. 

“No… Stop… It hurts…” The woman said in between forcing her to suck his wholeness. 

He wants it was rough, very rough. He’s a dominant, he likes his female submissive. He likes them tied up and gagged. Of course he can’t do such things with his so-called clients, so after each “session” he goes out to find the “lucky” girl he can spend the night with to satisfy him the way he wants to be satisfied. He leaves in the morning with a satisfied smile on his bedimpled face, leaving the girl with a bleeding bite mark on her right inner thigh and almost lifeless. A song running on loop on a cheap MP3 Player he left behind, like he always does.

“Sorry baby girl.” He said to the woman now lying almost lifeless at the foot of the bed. 

“Here.” He threw a few hundreds on the floor.

He took a small mp3 player from the pants of his pocket. 

“Here baby, hope this makes you feel better.” He said, pressed play and started humming to the tune of the song while wearing his pants.He left the player loop next to her. 

He ALWAYS leaves his mark. It was a reminder of his existence to them who he “pleasured”.

Let me take you to a place nice and quiet
There ain’t no one there to interrupt
Ain’t gotta rush
I just want to take it nice and slow
(now baby tell what you wanna do with me)
See I’ve been waiting for this for so long
We’ll be makin’ love until the sun comes up
I just wanna take it nice and slow
(now baby tell what you wanna do with me)
now here we are
Drivin’ round town
Contemplating where I’m gonna lay you down
Girl you got me sayin’
My, my, my, – My
I wish that I – I
Could pull over
And get this thing started right now
I wanna do something freaky to you baby
I don’t think they heard me
I-I wanna do something freaky to you baby
So call out my name


Present Day

Nico has been slouching on her sofa bed since she found out that her shoot was cancelled. Yup, she is currently a print ad model, though she only does freelance. She really doesn’t need to work as she got her trust fund from her parents when she turned 21, and that was a few days ago.

Her hair is tied in a messy bun and she’s only wearing a spaghetti strapped top and her panties. She got used to this kind of attire when at home since her Yaya left. She felt more free and comfortable. She sometimes even sleeps naked anticipating her “visitor” will arrive. But he stopped visiting her when she turned 20. It made her go crazy. She even started drinking sleeping pills every few hours to keep herself asleep. Hoping that he’d visit her in her sleep again.

“Fuck! Isn’t there anything worth watching?” Nicomaine blurted.

She has been channel surfing for about 30 minutes now, she can’t seem to find a good show to watch. She was waiting for Criminal Minds to start when she eventually found out that it will be pre-empted by some event in the US she doesn’t care about.

“Damn thi… ”

Her finger stopped tapping the channel up button as her heart skipped a bit when she saw the face of the man that she has been dreaming about for a few years now. The face of the man that can make her body react wildly. He was smiling. His face showed the dimple that made her lose her sleep and her mind.

He was wearing a simple white shirt but it made him look more palatable. His hair short and is unstyled.

“Damn. He’s still as hot as the last time we….” Nico said aloud and bit her lips. She starts feeling horny and she can’t help but remember the first few times she dreamt of him.

A Few Years Back

It’s been a few days now since she started waking up in the middle of the night with a wet underwear after dreaming of her visitor. Yeah, she decided to call him that, a visitor. In a span of two weeks she has dreamt of him 5 times. The first few dreams she cannot recall, all she remembers is his face, and waking up wet and shaking. But on the third week of her dreaming of him, it became clearer, like it’s really happening.

On the six night of her dreaming of him, it was all different. Everything was so clear, so vivid, so real.

Her room was dark, as she prefers to only have a table lamp as the source of light in her room but tonight she had it turned off. Only the moon illuminates her room and serves as a witness to whatever will take place inside her darkened room. She has a soft music playing in the background, as she has gotten used to leaving her favorite song on loop to get herself to fall asleep.

She was lying in bed with her yellow pajamas on, already half asleep, when she felt the side of her bed sunk a little. Her eyes were closed but she can feel a presence of somebody with her. She knows it’s him, he’s the only one who visits her at night.

She felt his hand on her ankle and it slowly went up to her leg, then to her thigh. She felt his hand went under her top, lifted it up until her navel is exposed. She felt his tongue on her navel which made her open her eyes. He bit the navel ring she has and pulled it rather hard that made her cringed because of pain.

“Good to see you’re awake. I know you have been waiting for me.” He laughed, the way the bad guys on the movie does after successfully groping or raping their victim. It made her more aroused.

He climbed up the bed and carefully positioned himself above her. She can’t help but look at how beautiful this guy in front of her is.

“Do you want me that bad?” He asked and all she can do was nod in response. 

“Ugh…” He took ownership of her mouth and kissed her hard. He was kissing her roughly, she can feel her lips numbing.

While doing so his hand is unbuttoning her top. He pulled her hands up above her head, took off his belt and used it to tie both her hands on the bed pole. He gagged her using the the pajama top he unbuttoned effortlessly.

Her dream is usually the same and this is the first time it differed. She’s scared and excited at the same time. Before tonight, he just kisses her and touches her, pleasuring her with his finger and his tongue.

“Ready?” He said.

He started placing butterfly kisses on her while tracing her body with his tongue. Alternately kissing and licking. He started at her jaw line and slowly going down her throat, her shoulder and down her breast which he lingered longer than usual.

“Uggghhh… ” Was all that can be heard from Nico behind her gag.

While her visitor is kissing and suckling her breast, his right hand is going down her thigh. Pushing her lacy underwear on one side, he started small circles on her sensitive skin that made her moan.

Oh fuck. Please fuck me now. Was all she can think of, as much as she’d like to say it aloud she can’t.

Her visitor heard her soft moans and decided to put two fingers inside her while his mouth is still on her breast. 

“You like this you little cunt?” He started pushing and pulling his finger slowly making her arch her body. This is the first time somebody pleasured her this way, his visitor was her first of everything.

Her visitor now slowly kissing her navel until he is down her now wet treasure. He planted soft kisses on her. His tongue now flickering her clithoris made her hiss. If she doesn’t have a gag on her mouth she probably has cursed him and begged him to start fucking her already.

“You’re so wet, just how I like it.”

Her visitor’s tongue started to go in and out of her.

Oh shit.  She never thought she’d feel this much pleasure. She’s going crazy. She’s now sweating and panting. Her visitor wanted more so he pushed two fingers insider her while his tongue flicked her clit. Her body started to spasm.

Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.

And she did. He licked her clean. “You taste so good, Love”.

He took of the gag inside her mouth. He took of his pants and briefs. She’s still panting when he guided her to lift her head. Doing so made her shout because of pain.

“Aw! It hurts… ” She complained. Her hand still tied above her head and her current position pulls her hand back. His visitor just smirked. He seemed to be enjoying seeing her in pain.

He placed his cock on her mouth, he pushed and pull her head. Forcing her to do the “job”. Oh he was huge. The visitor forcing himself on Nico made her gag. She can feel the tip of his member on her throat.

“Ohhh yes. Suck me.”

She eventually enjoyed the pain and what she’s doing. Feeling his warm cock inside her mouth made her horny. When his visitor noticed that she’s enjoying he slapped her hard. She was immediately in tears.

Her visitor continued to masturbate while sitting on top of her chest, making it hard for her to breathe.

“Uhhh yes. I cumming. Shit! ” She left him convulsed a little and when he came his fluid went directly to her mouth which he forced open. She had no choice but swallow everything.

He stood up and started dressing up. After wearing his pants he removed her from being tied-up, Nico being tired and in pain just stayed lying in her bed.

Before he left, he brought his face down her treasure again. She thought he’ll tongue her again but she was wrong. He bit her hard on her right thigh. She knew it will bleed and leave a mark.

“Goodbye, Love.”

He walked out her bedroom door.

She woke up.

She knew it was all a dream. She still has her pajama top on her. There is no trace of having another person inside her room. The only remembrance she has of the incident is her now wet underwear and her body covered in her own sweat. She remembered his bite so sat right up and touched her right thigh, no bite mark or blood.

She shook her head. “It was really just a dream.”

Present Day

She was looking intently at her visitor who is currently on TV, “Richard Faulkerson Jr. 24 single”. He introduced himself to the lady interviewing him.

She can’t even remember why he was on TV or why he mentioned his name but she took a mental note to have him investigated.

“Richard huh?” she said aloud. She stood up, walked to the kitchen, took out a pitcher of cold water and poured herself a glass full. She placed the pitcher on the kitchen counter and walked back the living room.

Since she first dreamt of him she already convinced herself that she’s lunatic. Psychotic. Crazy. When he stopped “visiting” her she became more convinced that he is just a part of her deranged mind. She tried her best to stay “normal”.

She knew if she tells her story to anyone, she will be asked to meet a psychiatrist. Worst case scenario, she may even be placed inside a mental institution. So she kept it all in, she kept it all to herself. She kept her pretense and acted as “normal” as she can.

Seeing him after a year since his last “visit” triggered a familiar warmth on Nico’s body that she’s not supposed to feel. She has to find out who he is. She has tons of questions that needs to get answered. Why was he “visiting” her in her dreams? Is there any connection between them? Was she supposed to know him? Was she supposed to be with him? Are they wired the same? Does he even know she exists?


Is he married?

If he is, he can easily be a widower and I his new wife.


She can’t believe that she’s even thinking of “disposing” a wife, somebody who may not even exists, but she couldn’t care less. She wants him. He has to be hers. They are destined to be with and for each other.


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