My Baby is Sick

I was super worried with my little boy as he is coming down with a bad fever.

God, I even requested to go under time (even if I get tagged as absent) as I’m really worried about him.


When I got home, I’m happy that his fever has gone down already. Stupid me, I decided to bring him to my aunt’s house, it’s an hour travel. When we left in the morning he was all good, but at around 4pm his fever came back. We decided to go home already as I’m scared of what my child is feeling. He still is active but he doesn’t eat.


At night his fever went up and is already around 36 degree Celsius. Oh man, I was so worried. He doesn’t want to breastfeed as well, which is very unusual. Before, when he feels bad he usually runs to me and breastfeeds. But not tonight, each time he wakes up he looks for his chocolate milk on the bottle. I felt so sad. 😦


I wake up every 2 hours to make sure he gets to be cleaned with cold water on a Β towel and every 4 hours to have him drink his medicines. It even sometimes makes me mad and sad at the same time as he cries at time and I can’t seem to figure out why (only to find out that he wants to bottle feed), it breaks my heart.


I’m happy that he’s ok now.

I love you baby.

Every sleepless nights are worth it, if it’s for you.





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