A Kid of Few Words

My son is turning two, soon-ish. End of July.

He has not spoken much. I can say that he’s really talkative he babbles A LOT but he has no actualΒ words, so to speak. He will turn 22 months by the end of this month, May.

He has roughly 26 words that he can say and let me tell you he doesn’t say those words often. Should I be worried? Maybe I SHOULD.

We already visited a pedia, a nice lady, she reprimanded me for allowing my son to watch tv, Make Way for Noddy –no matter how good my intentions are. She said it may be the cause of my son’s delayed speech. She said that watching tv or playing with gadgets can slow down a child’s speech development. She also said that at my son’s age or once he reaches 2 years old he should have at least 50 words.


I’m really worried that I may not have been a good mother in a sense that I gave in to my son’s whims.


I hope before July ends he gets to have more than 50 words already, coz if not we’ll have to undergo speech therapy. 😦



Lord I pray for your guidance and love for my son’s well-being.

Help him learn his words and thank you for keeping him safe all the time.


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