Crazy Love 2





The night she found about her visitor’s name, she immediately contacted a friend who owns a PI (Private Investigation) Company and asked for his help. She was lying on her bed when she decided to call Samuel. She lowered down the volume of the music running in the background to hear him well.


“Samuel, this is Nico. I need you help.” She said with no further introduction.

“You owe me. So you have to do this for me. I want to know everything, I mean everything, about Richard Faulkerson Jr. ” Nico is now speaking with Samuel on the phone, the owner of the Private Investigation Company.


“But…” Samuel wanted to complain. She paused for a bit, took a deep breath and fired away. “You can’t deny me my request Samuel.” Nico said in a firm voice. “Remember you owe me Patricia’s life.” She had to use all the card she can so she can get what she wants.


“Nico I know I owe you my wife’s life but your request is going to be hard.” Samuel rebutted.


“But why is it going to be hard? This is your job, right?” Nico is already getting frustrated.


She got off of her bed and started pacing in front of it.


“The person you wanted to have investigated is the problem.” Samuel said and sighed. “He is a client of mine and I owe him a lot too.”


“But Samuel, there will be no problem if you keep this between us. Do the job yourself instead of getting one of your P.I.’s involved. This should be quite easy for a professional like you.” She said trying to control her temper.


She know she’s pushing her luck, but she really want to know everything about Richard and Samuel is the best person who can get it done for her.


“Maine, I will lose my job if he finds out.” Samuel said in a very apologetic tone. Nico cringed hearing him call her ‘Maine’. Only a very few people had the guts to call her that, her parents, siblings, Patricia and yeah, Samuel.


“OK fine.” She sighed and still tried to push her luck a bit further. “Can you just give me at least his home and work address, and his car’s model and plate number?”


“Maine?!” Samuel almost shouted, but eventually he sighed a sigh of a defeated debater and said “Ok, fine. But aside from those information, I can’t and won’t give you anything else. If not for Patricia, naku talaga.”


“Thanks Samuel! I love you! Wait I’ll get a paper.” She said, run to her bedside drawer and took out a piece of paper. “Go Samuel, I’m ready to take note.” If she has a mirror in front of her she’s probably seeing herself grinning from ear to ear right now.


She wrote down the details Samuel provided, Richard’s home and work address, and his car details (plate number, car type, model and color).


She found out that Richard lives in an exclusive subdivision in Laguna and drives a black Hyundai Grand Starex with a customer plate RFJ## and he works in Quezon City.


The moment she placed the phone down her mind started devising different plans on how she can find out more about Richard. She knows that she is meant to be with him in some way, if it’s destiny or her psychotic mind telling her so– nobody can say. She went to bed with a few plans in mind.


She woke up at around 6am, it was record breaking. She used to wake up around 12 noon or one pm. She took a bath and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.


After eating, it was about 6:45 am, Nico ran to her study and took out Dark from the table and brought it with her. Dark is the name she gave her Alienware Laptop. Dark is custom built to her needs and ‘wants’. Aside from being an anime fan, she is a gamer so she has to have a laptop with her all the time that can satisfy her needs. She had the laptop covered in a dark blue and black matte skin. She even had the face of her visitor drawn so she can use it as a cover for Dark.


She placed Dark on her lap after sitting down on the floor, crossed legs. Opened it up and started doing her own style of ‘investigation’. She logged in to Facebook using her dummy account and searched for Richard Faulkerson Jr.’s facebook account. She found a few of entries with his name and picture. She opened each one to check and find out which was is legit. She opened a total of 20 accounts all of them looked like a poser account to her. Her gut feel tells her that her visitor has no facebook account.




Now frustrated, she placed Dark on top of the side table and stood up. She went up to her room, looked her favorite maong jeans and her trusty leather jacket. She ran down the stairs, trying her best to not forget the address she memorized. She locked the door on her way out.


She went into the garage and removed the cover of Kira, her Kawasaki Z250. Yeah, she loves naming her things. She got the name Kira from the Anime Death Note. She just loves how twisted Light’s mind is. When she got her bike, it was originally all black but she had the color costumed to have a shade of yellow on it. Yellow is her favorite color. She spent half of her inheritance to buy Kira but hey, it was all worth it.


She had her hair tied up on a messy bun and wore her helmet. She drove off her garage and went to the address she had in mind.


Today marks the beginning of what destiny has set for her. Or at least what she thought destiny had for her.


It took her about an hour and 30 minutes from her house to the house she’s going to stalk driving about 70-80 km per hour, thanks to SLEX (South Luzon Expressway).

She found a cafe near the house she was ‘watching’. So she bought herself a cup of Macchiato and sat on Kira while drinking. Eyes never leaving the house. She’s seen a few car pass-by but never the one she’s waiting for. She has been waiting for almost two hours now and her patience is slowly dwindling.


One more hour. She said to herself. She’ll wait for one more hour. If she doesn’t see him, she’ll come back some other time.


She thought she’ll be going home empty-handed but then she saw the black Starex driving slowly out of the garage. She threw her almost empty cup of Macchiato and wore her helmet. She revved Kira’s engine and waited for a little before following the car. She wanted to keep a safe distance so she will not be noticed.


She followed the Starex for about an hour until it stopped in front of a huge mansion. It was about 3 in the afternoon. Her visitor went out. He was wearing glasses. He looked like a geek, he looks nice though. Cute, actually. If she doesn’t know any better she’d think he really is a preschool teacher.


She drove Kira past the mansion but slowed down a bit when he was just exactly at the garage entrance. She saw a girl welcoming him with open arms.


She felt a slight nudge in her heart. A sting. Her smiling face turned to a gloomy one.


Who’s she? This can’t be.


A few blocks from the house, she stopped Kira. She paid the kid she saw and asked him to look for her bike while she was gone. The kid, seeing the five hundred peso in his hand, gladly obliged. She walked back to the mansion, thinking how she can get inside the mansion to know what’s going on.


After walking past the mansion a few times, she noticed that the gate was left open. Lucky me! She said to herself.


She looked around to make sure nobody sees her before slowly entering the gate. The crazy gods may have been on Nico’s side as the front door is left ajar. She went in quietly. She saw her visitors eye glasses neatly placed on the side table near the grand staircase. She slowly went up the stairs.


On her seventh step up the stairs she saw his clothes on the floor. Her breathing started to get heavy. She moved a little faster, taking 2 steps while trying to ascend the stairs. On the last step, she saw his pants on the floor.


Damn! Her mind cursed. This can’t be. He’s mine.


She tiptoed to the room where she can hear ‘her’ panting, screaming for more. She can hear his woman calling out his name. She slowly opened the door and took a peek. She can see ‘her’ on top of him. Riding him. Enjoying what’s meant for her.


She was frozen in place. She can see the ecstasy on the woman’s face. She was supposed to be in her place. She was supposed to be the one enjoying him, pleasuring him and making love with him. Her mind wants her to jump on the bed and scratch her porcelain face and skin her alive but her body was frozen.


The female was moving fast above him, his hand guiding her as she goes up and down his shaft. The woman bent forward a little while still pumping, to offer her breast which her visitor gladly sucked and nipped.


She just watched, silently. She cannot even hear or process what was happening. She can hear sound from them but all was blurry to her. She did not even notice that she herself is already being aroused by the scene. She was looking, waiting to see, rather feel his reaction towards her, but there’s none. She can’t see or feel anything from him. Yes, he can and he is definitely pleasing her, making her shout his name from pleasure but his face doesn’t show the same ecstasy, his eyes has no life. Unhappy. Unsatisfied.


She was watching the whole time. Her crazy mind working on it’s own, contemplating ideas of how he can make sure that this girl won’t be touching her man again. Yes, in her twisted mind, he was hers and she was his. She thought of cutting her hands, locking her in the closet and burning the closet down, and lots of other brutal ways to make sure she doesn’t touch him anymore.


Nico was breathing heavily when she noticed that the girl was already finished, she closed the door as unnoticeable as possible and just tried to listen behind the door.


“Did you enjoy?” Chard asked the girl. “Very much Richard. And as promised, your money is downstairs, inside the drawer where you placed your glasses.” She said, she’s still running out of breath. “Thank you. It’s nice to work with a client as generous as you.”


Client? What’s going on? Is the question she had in her mind.


“My service comes with a great price and only a few can afford me.” Nico heard Chard say proudly. She can hear something else in his voice though, but what that is, she cannot seem to point out.


She started hearing movements from inside the room so she decided to get out. She went outside again, drove Kira to the nearest Pay Parking she saw and paid for the day. She walked back to the mansion and sat outside the gate. Her mind


Chard’s P.O.V.


Her husband was away for a trade business trip and he’ll be back the next day. He already knows what souvenir he can take home from the lovely mansion of her client. He did his research. Her husband owns a set of gold coins retrieved from the wreck of one of the ships that was a part of the Galleon trade. He wants those coin as a part of his collection. He just has to find it.


It was her idea for him to wear clothes that would make him look like a geeky or a nerdy teacher. Guys that looks like him at the moment, is what she dig. When she contacted him it took him a day to decide if he’ll accept the job.


Mrs. Chen started undressing him on the stair case. She even said that nobody is home as she had all her servants take a day-off. She even wanted to fuck in the stairs. She begged to be fucked on the stairs. He declined as he may not be able to control his rough urges if they do it in an unconventional place. He had to keep his cool and make sure he doesn’t let his psycho side take control. He just decided to tease her by running up the stairs and taking his pants off and gesturing her follow and calling her by her first name. Jin is Mrs. Chen’s first name.


Jin pushed him on the bed as soon as they got inside. He fell back and sat on the edge of the bed. “Shit! Jin! Oh yesss…” Chard moaned when Jin went down on him and started licking the tip of his member. He clutched her hair and started to push her head down to blow him. Jin was taking him whole. She was licking and sucking his huge shaft. He felt her gag a few times and he’s gotten so close to losing it. Mr. Chen is a very lucky man to have a wife as good as Jin in pleasuring men. If she worked in a brothel she’ll probably have more clients than she can swallow.


He knows if he let her continue giving him a blow job he will lose controller and he may get rough so he had to pull her off his dick and kissed her hungrily. He guided her on the bed. Jin is still wearing her brassiere and panty. Cahrd decided to rip her panty off while Jin removed her bra herself.  He positioned her on top of him and slowly Jin held his dick and slowly eased his hard member into her now wet slit. “Oh, you are so tight Jin.” he said as she slowly started going up and down on him, she was so tight Chard can feel her muscle gripping his shaft and it felt so good. Jin was definitely good in bed.


After a few moment she started to sped up her pace. She was bouncing up and down his shaft with so much gusto while Chard guided her when he felt a presence watching him, watching them. Jin even offered her breast for him to suckle. She was tender and soft, she felt like a virgin as her pussy grips his huge dick. Chard being a butt person that he is, was ready to give Jin his best as she was really tight and she really has a nice butt. But he lost his focus when he felt him or her watching them fucking. “Are you sure there’s nobody else in the house with us?” he asked Jin, in between suckling her breast. “Oohh, noooo.” Jin replied her eyes almost at the back of her head and still moving up and down his shaft. He decided to disregard the vibe as he needs to live up to his name. He needs to make sure she knocks this woman out in ecstasy. To make sure that she enjoys, his client’s pleasure is his priority, of course not. He just wanted to make sure that she gets tired enough, to sleep after their deed, so he will have the time to look for his souvenir.


He tried his best to focus but he lost it. He felt like his emptiness was starting to get filled by just the mere presence of whoever it was watching them. Knowing that somebody is watching while he is fucking Jin excites him, yet at the same time he lost the will to perform at his best as he felt like he is doing something wrong.


“Did you enjoy?” He asked Jin, trying his best to hide the weird feeling he has right at the moment. “Very much Richard.” Jin replied, kissed him full on the lips once again and continued, “And as promised, your money is downstairs, inside the drawer where you placed your glasses.” she said, she’s still running out of breath. “Thank you. It’s nice to work with a client as generous as you.” He stayed in bed with her for a few minutes, caressing her hair, kissing her neck and massaging her temple. He did so until he was sure that she was asleep.


“Jin..” He called out to her, when she did not answer he slowly got up. He did not wear his clothes yet, he just carried it with him and went to the study next to the master’s bedroom where she fucked Jin.


The study is where Mr. Chen keeps all his prized collections and he intends to make sure he gets his souvenir. He checked all possible location inside the study where he could have hidden those antique coins but he cannot find them. He can’t give up now. This will not be the first time that he won’t bring home anything. It will surely add more to his frustrations and he could almost feel sorry for the girl he’ll be pleasing tonight. He has been searching for 30 minutes now, he has searched every nook and possible area where a vault can be placed but all turned out empty. He sat on the couch in front of an old TV. Everything inside the study was modern except this old TV, and this is the only place left that he has not checked. He stood up and walked to the TV. He looked at it closely and jackpot. The coins are not even inside a vault. After inspecting the TV he found a few screws holding it together. He removed the screw driver he had custom-made to be hidden on his belt. He smiled when he touched the gold coins.


Sorry Mr. Chen.

You’re wife’s good in bed, but I prefer your coins.


Chard placed the TV back to how it was. He made sure that everything looks the way it was before he touched anything. He also made sure to wipe all anything he touched to make sure that there will be no fingerprints left and slowly went out of the study.




Nico stayed out of sight, waiting for Chard to come out of the mansion so she can take pictures of him. She has a plan and she’ll make sure that this chinese girl won’t be touching her man again, Richard is hers.


As he saw Chard open the door of the garage, Nico took several pictures of him. One fixing the button of his top, second him combing his hair with his fingers, another fixing and zipping up his pants and a few others. She even took a picture of his car going out of the garage and speeding away.

Damn he look so hot. She thought.


Her plans have already been set. Tomorrow she’ll go back to the mansion and ask the chinese girl what RIchard is doing in her house and why is she touching what’s hers. She also wants to know why Richard refer to her as his client. She has also made up her mind that if she does not like her answers she’ll definitely pay for her touching him.


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