Crazy Love 3

 Nico’s POV


The following day Nico went back to the Cheng mansion. She noticed a few maids are tending the garden, so she called the attention of one. “Ateng maganda.” she said and one maid with a long black shiny hair looked at her direction. “Yes Miss, anong kailangan mo?” the maid asked her. “Andyan ba si Mr and Mrs Cheng ngayon?” Nico smiled. “Ay Miss si Mrs. Cheng lang ang nandito. Si Sir kase bukas pa ang dating galing sa business trip nya.” Nico made a mental note of why Mr. Cheng is not at the house and when he’s coming back as she might be able to use it later while talking some sense into Mrs. Cheng’s head.

“Pwede ko bang makausap ni Mrs. Chenge? May proposal lang ako sa kanya.” Nico showed the maid the brown envelop in her hand. The maid looked at her with questioning eyes. “Please tell her I know Richard and I’m sure she’ll meet me.” Nico gestured the maid to go inside the house and speak with Mrs. Cheng. The maid dropped the grass cutter and went inside the house. After about 3 minutes, the maid came back opened the door and let her in.


“Pasok na lang po kayo, hinihintay po kayo ni Mrs. Cheng sa sla.” Nico nodded in understanding.


She went in and walked slowly, she even felt regal while walking at the carpeted floor, seeing where Mrs. Chen was seated she decided to lift her chin up a bit. Proud and mighty.


“Good morning Mrs. Chen.” Nico said when she got in front of the chinese lady. “Who are you? And what do you want?” Mrs. Cheng said bluntly. “I want information Mrs. Cheng.” Nico said, still standing up. She was wearing a leather pants and white spaghetti strapped top with a single word written in the middle PSYCHO. She looked at Mrs. Chen and looked at the sofa. It seemed like Mrs. Cheng took the hint and asked her to seat down. Nico did and positioned her leg like how a Princess does. A Princess never crosses her leg.


“I’am Jin Cheng, what do you want?” Mrs. Cheng asked directly. “Nicomaine.” She gave her name as a courtesy before she continued “I want you to tell me everything you know about Richard.” Nico said looking at Mrs. Cheng intently. “Huh? Why should I?” Nico raised her eyebrows and opened the envelope on her lap. She took one picture out, it was the shot she took yesterday while Richard was fixing his pants while in the garage. She showed it to Mrs. Cheng. “Because Jin, if you don’t tell me what I want to know..” Nico paused for a bit, placed the photo back in the envelope. “…I will tell your husband about your little adventure and I will deliver these set to him personally.” Nico smiled. It’s a smile that will make you shiver if it was directed to you.


Nico is trying awfully hard to be patient and not jump on Jin’s face and just kill her now. Everytime she remembers that this lady was enjoying her man, she wanted to lash out and shout murder. She counted one to ten in her mind and started breathing in and out very slowly. “So?” She asked. “Should I just wait for your husband? I know that he’ll be back tomorrow. I’ve already set an appointment with him actually.” Nico lied. She never liked lying except now. Seeing how flustered Jin looks, Nico wanted to chuckle. “Fine. What do you want to know about Chard?” Jin sighed, defeated.


“Why is he here?” Was Nico’s first question. “I hired him. He’s an A-LIST escort. Only somebody as rich as I am can afford his service. If you pay the right amount he’ll fulfill your wildest dream in bed.” Jin still has that spunk on her voice and Nico did not like it. “So how much did you pay him?” “Five hundred thousand, cash. That’s his fee if you’d like to taste heaven, and I tell you it’s all worth it.” Jin smiled as if reminiscing her interlude with Richard yesterday. “I don’t think you can still keep that dreamy face of yours once your husband finds that you’re spending his hard earned money to get fucked by another man.” Nico said which made Jin frown. “So for that amount you can have him do anything?” Nico continued to ask. “Yes, anything. He can be a teacher to you, a father, a son, a brother perhaps or anybody you fantasize.” Jin said which made Nico think.


“How do I contact him?” Nico asked again. Jin just shook her head and asked for the pictures. “I’ll answer more questions but you have to give me some of those. Just to be sure.” Nico took out two photos from the envelope and handed it to Jin. She has 6 more. “So do I need to repeat my question?” “No need. Stay here. I’ll just get something from my room.” Jin stood up and walked to her room upstairs slowly. Nico’s patience is really dwindling down.


If this girl doesn’t stop irritating me, I swear, I’ll slit her gut.


After a few minutes Jin came back with a paper in her hand. Once she reached the sofa, she just handed the paper to Nico. “That paper will answer your question of how to contact him. He is very specific. Careful.” Jin said and sat down again and crossed her legs. “So? Give me the rest of the photos.” Nico just looked at her. “I still have one more thing to say before I give you these.” She said and stood up. “If I ever see you near MY man again…” she moved her face near Jin and whispered “…I WILL kill you.” She placed the envelope on Jin’s lap and turn her back on her. “And don’t even dare contact Richard and tell him about this, or you’ll regret it.” and Nico left.


Nico went home directly after her rather productive meeting with Mrs. Cheng. She probably scared the wits out of that bitch. She can’t help but laugh at the thought. “She deserves it. She should really be scared.” She said aloud while sitting on her couch. She took the paper Jin gave her and read it’s content.


Looking at the paper, she saw a dating website, a username and a code to put in.



Username: Iwillbewhoeveryouwant


Instructions: Send me a message and make sure to include all the details of who you want me to be and where you want me to be. Do not forget to use the pass code: I will visit you in your dreams.


She immediately took Dark from it’s case and opened it on her lap. She has never been this impatient with Dark’s booting process. Dark boots up in just a few seconds so this is the first time Nico felt that it took eternity before Dark went into the windows logon screen. She logged in right away and opened a Google Chrome Incognito Window, she always browse on Incognito. She opened up the website written on the paper and signed up. She’s getting excited. Just the thought of being with her visitor makes her feel things she shouldn’t be feeling. She decided to use IAmALLYours as her username, good thing it has not been taken yet. She answered the information sheet as truthful as possible so when he checks her profile he can see the REAL HER. She did not use her real name even though the instructions are clear that he NEEDS to know their real name. She used the name on her dummy facebook account. She has a picture there but it was manipulated so she looks ten years older than her actual age.


She went on his profile and clicked on the envelope icon to send him a personal message. Before doing so, she noticed lots of messages left on his profile, most of them females. He’s using his real picture for his profile though it was blurred a bit you can still see how handsome he is. That probably is the reason why there are lots of messages on his profile asking to meet up with him or see him on the webcam. She took her mind off the messages she saw and focused on what she’d want him to be for her when they meet.


She was ready to type on the keyboard of how she wanted him to be but she can’t seem to find the right word or the right persona she wants him to be. So instead she typed:


Be in your most comfy clothes and make sure you smell good. Please wear something yellow.


She then typed the address of her house and the the time she wants him to be there. She also attached a picture of her, headless, just showing her body and her navel piercing. Her excitement and anticipation is building up. She slept early as tomorrow she’ll be shopping for new clothes and for grocery.




Chard’s P.O.V.


That night news reports showed a girl with a bite mark on her right inner thigh, the girl was almost lifeless when found and a song running on loop. According to the reporter this is not the first time this kind of case occurred, they’re contemplating the possibility of having the first Serial rapist, sexual offender or killer on the loose, they cannot pinpoint exactly as to what category his deed belongs. The first kind of “serial” criminal in the Philippines. There has been reports saying that these victims were not forced, it was a consensual sex gone bad. It’s just too rough for the lucky woman and they eventually refuses to give him what he wants, how he wants it, and they end up getting hurt in the process.


Upon seeing the news, Chard smiled. A smile of accomplishment. He made the news, again. He left his mark in the society. He felt friggin proud of himself. Some are praising him saying that these sluts or whores deserve what they got. Some are cursing him for being such a menace in the society, that he’ is nothing but a sick bastard preying on weak and helpless females. If they only know how feisty these weak females are in bed. They just really can’t handle him the way he wanted to be handled that’s why it ends up badly. If he can just find somebody who will have the same intensity that he has, he probably wouldn’t have to go around finding female victims every after his client sessions.


He heard a pop on his mobile. He did not bother looking at his phone, yet. That notification alert has been set for his CLIENT’s email request. His services are quite expensive, but he believes that it is all worth it as he becomes who they want him to be. He can make their dreams a reality. He is quite popular to the elite females who can afford his fees. He was the go to guy if their partners, boyfriends or husbands cannot give them what they want. Or, if they are too afraid to show their true colours to their other halves, afraid that it may scare them away.


He chooses his clients very carefully. He wants to make sure that he will be paid appropriately and they should have something that interest him, so he can take something home as a souvenir, just like the Coin Collection of Jin’s  husband.


The news has already ended and he turned his TV off, he went inside the shower and clean himself up. While taking a shower he remembered how he felt when back when he was with Jin and he felt another presence watching them. He felt like he’s doing something wrong, like he’s being unfaithful. He cannot shake off the feeling of feeling bad, like he just made the biggest mistake of his life.


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