Ubusan Pera

Well, I’ve been fangirling for almost a year now. Di naman ako masyadong gumagastos, I find a way to get through without spending too much.


But this July and August will be a test of my control.


So, I will be watching IYAM (Imagine You and Me) Twice. One already paid for, so I do not need to worry about it, one is still not yet. The second time I’ll be watching I’ll have to bring to slippers with me for the kids (charity), but before watching we’ll do some chikahan first, so I’ll most probably spend some money on that.


Then, there this POSSIBLE concert of ALDUB / MaiChard. I will do my best not to miss this one, since I already let the TP (Tamang Panahon) pass by me. I just hope it will not be too expensive.


And then, there’s this book that Alden Richards, RJ, wrote that they’ll be releasing by the end of July as well. I hope it’s a good read as I plan to buy one.



Then, there’s my son’s 2nd Birthday. July 29th. We plan to just eat out. Nothing fancy but still money will surely go out of my pocket. But I love my son, so… Wapakels! 🙂



Yeah, I’m an addict.


PPS: (7/18/2016)

I spent 1500 for my electric bill somewhere else and I do not even remember spending it.

I’m dead.




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