Meet and Greet Maine – THE Day

So July 17 was my TP (Tamang Panahon) with Maine. I rehearsed a few lines because I really wanted to make proper use of my time when I meet her. I thought they would give us at least a minutes to say ‘hi’ to her or ask her for a signature or even a short video greeting.

I really was hoping I can ask for a video greeting for my son’s upcoming birthday on the 29th (7/29).

I am very appreciative that Oishi gave me the chance to have a picture with Maine. However, I still feel sad. I, with the other 29 winners, expected to have a MEET and GREET. What happened was far from that, it was basically a SEE and have a PIC taken. Everything was so fast paced. We were instructed to just stand next to Maine and have a picture taken then go down the stage. Imagine my disappointment? T_T Goodbye Happy birthday video greeting for my son. huhu

Maine was smiling, awkwardly at that. I feel that she wanted to interact with us more but she can’t.

So there you have it folks, after waiting for almost 2 hours. I had my picture taken with Maine (and with a stranger, mainly because it was supposed to be by pairs but since my pair is my son they thought she was with me).

Hi Ate from Mainefinity

I will get another chance and next time I’ll be able to say ‘hi’ and have her greet my son. 🙂




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