Zanne (CH1-8)


She was turned during their honeymoon by no other than her husband. Nicomaine Dei has always struggle to keep her humanity intact. She used her supernatural abilities to help mortals in need. She decided to work as a private investigator; working on cases that most of the time involves the likes of her, vampires. Nicomaine’s life, rather undeath, gets more complicated when she falls for Richard Faulkerson, a dashing reporter haunted by dreams of a woman who looks like Nicomaine.

Author’s Note


As always, I would like to remind you guys that I’m really not a great writer. I’m a writer-wanna-be. 🙂

I have a few other stories unfinished, but this one kept bugging me, so I had to write it down as well.

I hope di ako puro simula lang and will be able to finish something.

If you have comments and/or suggestions, kindly leave a comment here or tweet me @reikableu.

If it is a violent reaction, you can always DM me, I prefer that. 🙂

This story is based on the TV Series Moonlight.

I borrowed some details and events from it but basically I wrote it in my own words and interpretation.

I do not own anything, and no copyright infringement intended.


PS: I will try to update every WED night.


1. Zanne

Zanne is the Italian word for Fangs.

Zanne is the Italian word for Fangs

When used in a sentence:

Non riesce a crederci , ha zanne. (She can’t believe it, she has fangs.)

2. Nicomaine Dei


Nicomaine Dei (It’s been a long time since I used my real last name, so don’t ask for it anymore)

Age:  21 (for 85 years now)

General Physical Description:

Jet black hair. Hazel brown eyes. Average height (Fine. 5’2″). Slim built. Full Lips.

Fragile looking, but believe me I AM NOT. I can break things, I can break you.

Where were you born?

Originally born in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Rebirth took place in Como, Italy.

Relationship Status: Single

Job: Private Investigator

Dress Style: Gothic

Pastime(s) / Hobbie(s):

People watching, reading, singing and, when 21st century came, Social Networking.

Fave Sports: NONE (It’ll be unfair if I play any.)

Fave Food: Laksa and Spicy Ramen (When I still had appetite)

How I think people see me?

Perfect, fragile, mysterious (They only have the last part true.)

Opinion of myself: 

Cursed, Damned, Soul-less



Situation that can make me violent: 

Hunger and Danger

“This is so lame. Do I really have to answer these kinds of questions?” she looked at her interviewer, and rolled her eyes. Damn!  She thought. “Pang-high school naman to masyado.” She threw the paper on the floor. He picked it up, placed it back on the table. “Come on! Sa edad kong to, ineexpect mo ba talagang sasagutan ko lahat ng yan?” “E ‘ vergognoso !”  (It’s shameful!) 

“I’m a reporter I need to know everything, starting from the basic. Nicomaine naman. Just please cooperate? Please?” he said, sat down in front of Nicomaine and smile sadly. “I need this.”

“Hindi pa ba scoop enough na meron kang REAL interview with a vampire?” she said and continued. “Do you really have to make me answer to stupid questionnaire?” She looked at her and said “I can just snap the head of your newspaper editor to end your misery, you know.” She smirked. “Just say the words. But after I do that quits na tayo.”

“No!” he said firmly. “You owe me your life…” He showed her his neck, bite marks still noticeable. “…so I decide how you repay it.”

“You know I can kill you right now. Swerte ka lang na I stand by my oath.” She sighed. “I never break any promises I made, kaya consider yourself lucky.” She stood up, started to walk out on him. When she got by the door, she looked back “Don’t push it though! There’s always a first time for everything.”

3. Interview with The Vampire

“I’ll set the recorder here. Just answer my questions truthfully, okay?” Richard told Nicomaine after they sat down. They were in her office. She agreed to have her answers recorded for accuracy purposes but he promised to not let the recording broadcasted. “I swear” he said.

"Sige na, simulan na natin to

“Sige na, simulan na natin to.” Nicomaine said.

Richard started speaking, “So your name is Nicomaine Dei?”


“How old are you?”


“How long have you been 21?”

“85 Years”

“When were you born?”


“Were you born here in the Philippines?”


“When and where were you turned?”

“1930, in Italy.”

Richard stood up and pressed stop on the recorder. “Bigyan mo naman ng konting buhay yung sagot mo, ang tipid eh. Come on Nicomaine. Do this for me. Please?” Richard sounded so frustrated. “Why do I need to sound lively sa pagsagot ko? You swore you won’t be broadcasting that recording and that you’ll just be using it as reference. Do not play with me Richard. Do not test my temper.” Nicomaine adjusted her position and crossed her legs. “Do you want to continue this stupid interview or what?”

Richard sat back to his seat after pressing the record button again.

“What is your diet?”

“Blood. I don’t drink directly from the source unless it’s an emergency.”

“By source, you mean human?”


“Do you sleep inside a coffin?”

Richard was dumbfounded when Nicomaine suddenly laughed a hearty laugh.

“You’re joking, right?” She said in between laugh. Richard just looked at her. “Oh, you are not joking?” She looked at him and stopped laughing.

“Fine. No, I do not sleep in a coffin. I sleep in freezers or in tubs of ice.”

“How about the sun? Garlic? Stake? Silver?” Richard asked continuously.

“Slow down, honey.  We can’t be killed by just sun exposure, but it weakens me and can cause dehydration which would require me to drink more blood. We  are unaffected by garlic, but I do not like the smell of it. Holy water? Unless your intention is to get me wet, it doesn’t have any effect on me. And crucefix? It’s a good accessory.” She showed a charm on her pandora bracelet. “A stake through our hearts cannot kill us, but it can paralyze us. And silver? It’s a poison for us.”

Richard was taking notes and listening carefully. “How can you get killed?” He absentmindedly asked.

“Why? Do you want to kill me?” Nicomaine responded.

“Oh, no. Sorry. You do not need to answer that.”

4. Turning

“How were you turned? Who’s your sire?” Richard asked.

Nicomaine do not want to remember how it happened or who made it happen. She wanted to forget, but she can’t. She tried to drown the memories of that night but it always finds a way to resurface.

“It was my husband.” She paused.

She walked near the sink and said “…on our honeymoon.”

1930 Italy

It was their honeymoon. She married Drake and she couldn’t be any happier. What they have is a whirlwind romance. She met him while she was touring Italy as a singer and he was a businessman. He showered her with gifts and attention. Who can resists? She’s young and he was everything she can ask for. It didn’t matter if he’s not the best looking person around, because he was the sweetest.

He took her to Como and she was mesmerized by the beauty of the place. She fell in love with the place and with Drake.

When he proposed to her, she did not even think about it, she said yes right away

When he proposed to her, she did not even think about it, she said yes right away. They got married after a week of his proposal. On their honeymoon, she was ecstatic.

She was still wearing her gown when she was turned.

They were lying in bed and he was kissing and licking her on her neck

They were lying in bed and he was kissing and licking her on her neck. He has always been vocal of his admiration towards her shoulders and neck. He always says that they were perfect. She wanted him to kiss her full on the lips but he stayed on her neck. Caressing it. Nicomaine found it weird but was loving the sensation. Nicomaine was busy trying to unbutton Drake’s top. She was trying her best to focus on how she can make him happy until she felt a sharp object peircing through her neck.

When the  pain started to overpower the sensation she was feeling, she screamed and tried to fight her way out of Drake’s hold. Drake was a lot stronger than her. He pinned her down while he still suck the life out of her. She was getting weak, too much blood has been drained from her. She was almost lifeless when Drake bit his arm and let the blood drop through her mouth, letting her take his blood.

This is how she was turned.

Drake was his sire.

Her husband took her humanity, her soul, her mortality.

Ever since then she believed that she has been cursed to live a life she did not ask for, forever.


Sire is the termed used to refer to the  one responsible for the creation of a new vampire.

5. Choices

“Where is your husband now?” Richard asked her.

“Dead.” Nicomaine said. “I killed him.”


Philippines, 1994

Nicomaine left Italy a few years back to get away from her husband. She went back to the Philippines and decided to work as a Private Investigator and use her abilities to help people. Not that it will make any difference. For her, no matter how many people she has helped, she’s still damned and soulless.

One morning, a couple asked for her services. They want her to look for their son. According to them, he just disappeared and left no trace. They told him he was just 4 years old.

She followed the scent of the boy from their house to an old ancestral home in Laguna

She followed the scent of the boy from their house to an old ancestral home in Laguna. There she saw her husband again.

“Why did you do this?”

“I did this so we can be a family. He can be our son.” Drake said, standing behind the child while holding him by the neck.

“Let the kid go. We can never be a family.” She said and jumped on Drake. Making sure she won’t harm the kid. Drake push the kid to the side which caused the kid to stumble. Nicomaine lifted the table and strike Drake with it. The table shattered into pieces and Drake was taken aback. They wrestled for a few minutes. Drake trying his best to convince Nicomaine that he’s doing this for them while trying to evade her attacks.

“Nicomaine, dear, listen to me. We can still be a family.” He said. “That’s why I took him.” This made Nicomaine angier. She took one of the table’s leg and used it as a stake and plunge it into Drake’s heart.

Nicomaine can hear the child crying on one corner. She immediately took her out of the old house and burned the whole place.

She chose to burn the house down, to kill her husband, to kill her sire.

She chose to save the child.

“Don’t worry little kid, I will never let anything bad happen to you from here on. I will always be by your side.” She promised the kid as she carried him away from the burning house.


“So you staked him and burned the house down?” Richard asked.

“Yes. The stake can paralyze us but it can’t kill us” she said. “Burning us or beheading is the only way you can kill a vampire” she added.

“Why did you do it though? He was your husband.” He stated, a bit confused.

“He was, but he was also the same person who took my humanity from me. I was given no option, I had to choice. I cannot forgive him in doing so.” Nicomaine took a deep breath and continued, “I was presented with a choice. To either leave the child with Drake or save the kid and kill Drake. I chose the latter.”

Richard noticed Nicomaine is shaking, he doesn’t know though if it’s because of anger or pain. He stood up and walked towards her. He touched her shoulder and squeezed it a bit. “You’re more humane than most of the people I know Dei.” He bent down a bit and kissed her on the head.

Nicomaine was shocked but tried to keep herself from moving away from him. This is the first time, after a very long that time, that somebody showed her affection. It scared her.

6. Richard

“So where is the child now?” Richard asked.

“Di mo na kailangan malaman. Basta he’s safe, that’s all you need to know.” Nicomaine said. “Can we continue this some other time? I have things I need to do.” She walked to the door and opened it, and gestured Richard to go.

“Fine.” He said, stood from his seat and continued, “The kid is lucky to have been saved by you.” Nicomaine closed the door behind him.

After a few minutes. “Do you think you’re lucky, Richard?” She went to her home office, opened up the file name “Richard Faulkerson Jr” . Yes, he was the child.

“Like I promised you back then, I will take care of you.”  she said while looking at his photos. She was currently holding a photo of him taken during his college graduation. His smile was beaming, full of glee. She was always by his side, of course he doesn’t know this. She doesn’t want him to know.

Richard’s POV

He was dreaming again, same dream about a child being abducted. He knows that he was the child. He doesn’t know if this was a dream or a part of his memory. All he can remember from his dream is that he can see a house burning and he was being carried by a woman.

He’s been having this dream since he was a child, he will be waking up at night panting and crying because of fear.

Everytime he dreams, he sees the face of the woman carrying him more clearly. Now, he was able to see her face. And she looks like Nicomaine.

Maybe it was just her story triggering this. Maybe. He thought to himself.

Richard played the recording of her conversation with Nicomaine again.  “We are unaffected by garlic, but I do not like the smell of it. Holy water? Unless your intention is to get me wet, it doesn’t have any effect on me. “

He can’t help but smile. This girl, vampire, is really something. witty.

If I wanna get her wet, I definitely will not use holy water for that. I have other things in mind.

“Damn!” Richard said aloud. He can’t believe he just thought of other ways to get her, a vampire, wet.

“Ok. Richard, think of other things. Ituon mo na lang yung atensyon mo sa ibang bagay.”

After a few minutes of just looking at his notes his phone rang.

“Yes, hello?” It was his editor on the other line.

“Richard, may bago tayong case. I want you to go undercover as a university student to get a scope.” His editor, on the other line, said.

“What is is about?” He asked.


“I’ll take it.”

7. Undercover

Richard’s POV

His editor sent him a picture of the student who was bitten by the vampire.

The following morning Richard went to the university and enrolled at a class where the victim was enrolled. The class is with Professor Louise, a social anthropology professor and a self-proclaimed Vampire. 

After speaking with a few classmates, Richard found out that there is a small study group that Professor Louise heads, with Julie Ann –a student assistant.

After the class was dismissed Richard spoke with Professor Louise.

“Ms. Louise…” He called her attention. “I am a few weeks behind this subject, is there anything I can do to catch up?” He said and showed his bedimpled smile.

“Sino ba ang makakahindi sa dimple na yan?” Professor Louise smiled and called for Julie Ann.

“Julie Ann, pls give Richard a copy of our study group brochure. And please give him the schedule and the venue.” She looked at Julie Ann for a bit.

“I’ll go ahead Richard, see you in our study group.” She said and slapped Richard’s butt on the way out.

“Here Richard.” Julie Ann said after a few minutes, handing him a paper and a brochure, also just a paper containing an imaged on Louise with blood dripping from her mouth. Julie Ann adjusted her glasses and said “Please be there on time.”

Richard’s phone rang.

“Where are you?” It was Nicomaine on the other line. “I thought you’ll be dropping by for the second part of the interview?”

“I’m at the university.”

“The one in the news?”

“Yes, the one where a student was killed by a vampire.”

“You know that’s a joke, right? I would know if it was a Vampire who killed that student.” She said and sighed. “It won’t even reach the news if it was a real vampire who killed that student.”

“Then you should not worry, I can handle this.” Richard said and ended the call.

Nicomaine’s POV

“Damn it!” she can’t help but utter when Richard ended the call abruptly. “He’ll get himself in trouble.”

She called Valeen to make sure that it was not a vampire case that she missed.

“No, it was not a vampire who did that.” Valeen said. “I checked with the cleaners.”

“Thanks Val, I owe you one.” She said and ended the call.

8. In Time

Richard’s POV

It’s already 7PM and the group study that he’s going to will start in 5 minutes. Good thing that he’s near the vicinity. Weird though that the venue of the group study is located inside an old basement of the university.

He went down the stairs, he needs to go two floors down. A few steps before reaching the his destination he started smelling candles and flowers. He knocked on the wall to announce his arrival and he was greeted by a few male students that he recognizes from the class earlier with Ms. Louise. He looked around and counted about seven to eight students, plus the SA –Julie Ann.

Ms. Louise came out wearing something he cannot call a dress. It’s like she’s wearing a long piece of white cloth wrapped around her body. It can fall off anytime.

Para syang iaalay sa suot nya. He can’t help but think.

“It’s good of you to join us Richard.” Louise said as she walked, slowly, towards Richard. She was swaying her hips as if dancing in tune to some sexy song.

Richard wanted to laugh but had to hold it back, he has to maintain his cover.

Louise walked around Richard, her hands moving around his body, trying to feel him. Richard is starting to feel a little  queer.

Louise then walked towards the rest of the students. 

“When people hear the word Vampire, they picture an image of a blood sucking creature of the night, but we are not all that. Yes, I am a vampire. I feed on life essence of living organisms.” She took out a vile of blood and positioned to drink it. “Drinking blood helps draw the pranic nourishment our body needs.” She drank the blood. “Drinking of blood can help us gain energy and strength.” She explains.

After a few minutes of discussion, Julie Ann brought out snacks and drinks for everyone. They were all smiling and chit-chatting. Richard did not notice that Julie Ann dropped something on his drink.

After a while Richard started to feel nauseated. He panicked and ran out of the building. Julie Ann followed him.

“Richard…” She called to him. “Are you OK? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?” Julie Ann offered.  “Thank you” Richard mouthed and accepted her assistance.

Julie Ann walked him to her card and have him seated on the passenger side. She drove off the school vicinity and while driving she took out a syringe like object. Richard saw it and realized that it was Julie Ann who killed the student. He cannot move anymore.

“How does it feel Richard? Don’t worry. I won’t let you suffer. This will be fast.” And everything blacked out for Richard.

Nicomaine’s POV

Nicomaine went out of her office right after her phone call with Valeen.

Valeen is a vampire that has been around a lot longer than Nicomaine. Valeen’s 250 years old.

Nicomaine tried to remember the details of their phone conversation.

“Dei, it is not a vampire who killed that student. It did not smell like one.” Val said. “So you think it was the professor?” Nicomaine asked. “No. I don’t think it is the professor.”

“Who could it be?” Nicomaine asked aloud.

If she can have her way she’ll just run and jump to the school, it will be faster, than using her vintage car and be stuck in traffic.

She arrived at the school and tried to find Richard’s scent among the others. She was able to trace her smell to the old basement but his smell vanished as soon as she arrived.

She tried to follow his scent again and this time she saw that he was riding a car with a girl.

Nicomaine ran after the car and was just in time.Julie Ann was about to stab Richard in the neck. She then grabbed the car’s door on the driver side, she pulled it open.  She was using her normal strength so the door was removed from it’s hinges and she threw it across the road. Good thing, nobody is driving at the the same time. Julie was shocked, so she accidentally ran into a lamp post.

Before colliding to the post, Nicomaine looked at Richard and saw that he was wearing a seatbelt so she left him on his seat. She grabbed Julie by the collar of her shirt, lifted her off the car and threw her on the ground. Julie whimpered because of the pain but still tried to crawl to get away.

Nicomaine jumped on her and growled, showing Julie Ann her fangs. Julie screamed her lungs out. Nicomaine slapped her hard, she lost consciousness.

She left Julie and went to Richard’s side to check if he has any wounds.

Nicomaine got Richard out of the car and carried him back to the car she left at the university.

If anybody saw her carrying him, aside from being awkward –imagine a 5’2″ girl carrying a 5’10” guy, she will have to explain herself to the cleaners.


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