My son is turning 2. Yey!

So my son’s turning two (2) in 2 days. (Today’s 7/27/2016, his birthday is on 7/29/2016)

We won’t be having a big celebration, like we did on his first. This time we’ll just eat out. Jollibee perhaps, and have him and his cousin play at the playpen in Robinson’s Imus.

After he turns two I’ll bring him back to his dentist, as I do every 6 months. I will also take him to his pedia. I’m a bit worried as he still has very few words. Though those words he knows, he can now say completely. Before It was Ma, now it is MAMA. Bye, is now BaBye. There are a few more.


I also worry because I was able to feel two lumps at the back of his head, left and right. I was even joking na sungay yun na di tumubo. But I worry, a lot. I hope it’s not something bad.


I love my son so much and it will pain me ng sobra, if anything bad happens to him.




His lola from his donor’s side want to meet him.

Friends of mine told me to have them visit the house if they wanna visit him. I guess that’s the best step to take, no?


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