My 2-year old VLogger

So I got home earlier today all wet, my gosh, the wind was so strong and it was raining so hard. Anyways, so I got home and went up to the room where my son usually stays and he was there crying. He was still sobbing and he was showing me a video on a cellphone.

While sobbing and holding the phone on my face, he was also pointing his knee. He said “Pipit..”Naipit. I kissed his knee and after a few minutes he started shoving the phone on my face again.

So I watched it. I was so proud of my son. He was VLogging, kind of. Hahaha!!

Here’s the video:


I will try to have him do something like that everyday and try to post it everyday as well.


Proud Mama



EDIT 9/6/2016 03:40am

EVERYDAY means when he’s in the mood. He’s kind of moody. LOL.


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