I hurt.

So there, I was really butthurt. It felt like was was left hanging without a proper goodbye. Aren’t we worth at least a proper goodbye?


It hurts, you know. I’ve been with you through ups and downs. I feel like I deserve something a bit more. I did wish for it to end a lot of times because it’s not going anywhere. But you could have at least said goodbye properly. And then what? You deprive me of the people I love, not allowing me to see them together? Isn’t that a bit selfish? Have I done anything wrong to you to make you think I deserve such a treatment?


I believe I’ve been patient enough. It was a year. You’ve been a part of my system for a year, do you think I can just let go that easy? It’s gonna be hard, really hard.


KS – Kalyeserye, you hurt me, yet I still love you. Just please let me see MaiChard / ALDUB together. Binuo mo na ko (You already made me feel complete).

Hehehe!! Peace. But I felt all of those emotions. I really had those questions. But for the love of MaiChard / ALDUB, I’ll be more patient and wait for them to come back. KS, you better come back with a blast.





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