Sunday Currently 01

I’ll be joining the bandwagon. Inspired by @mainedcm



Currently reading Arcana Chronicle Series Book 3 by Kresley Cole. Currently on halt though as my smartphone is busted and it’s hard to read it at the moment.


My first Sunday Currently entry. YAY!


There’s this buzzing or beeping sound at the office that I’m forced to listen to. I don’t know why they seem to not be bothered by it. I am super bothered.


Of how my day will go and thinking of when will I have my own computer at work. It’s hard to share work stations with other people.


Dust from the non-filtered AC of the new office.


That I can visit Japan soon. *keep on praying*


World peace?


Decent clothes. LOL. I’m not particular with what I wear so long as it’s comfortable. Though since, again, the weather of the office is winter –I also wear scarf, mittens and a knitted jacket.


My son, as always. He’s super active but he’s my world. I also started loving Kimura Takuya.


To see more of ALDUB/MaiChard together


MASSAGE. Like, I need it now. T_T


Pained. My back is starting to hurt again, a lot, due to the super cold weather of the new office.


Different blog entries and tweets.


Joining Sunday Currently?

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