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So I just finished the Season One of Bloody Monday, as I mentioned a lot of time, I still prefer the Manga version. I decided to go and watch something with #Kimutaku (Kimura Takuya) as a cast, so I am currently watching Gift.


Synopsis from here.

Naomi, a middle-aged woman (Muroi Shigeru), goes to a house to meet her boyfriend with whom she had planned to skip the country, along with 50 billion yen in cash. When she gets to the house, there is no boyfriend, no money and a trail of blood leading to a closet. Opening the closet causes this nude, blood covered body (Kimura Takuya) to come falling out. She gets the young man into a hospital to revive him in hopes he can tell her where the boyfriend and the money went, but the guy from the closet has lost his memory. She gives him a new identity, calling him Yukio, and then employs him as a courier at her company to keep track of him in case he ever recovers his memory. As he works for Naomi, Yukio slowly discovers who he was and what has led him to the man he is now

And what got me more intrigued with the series is a trivia from the same website.

Kimura Takuya‘s use of a butterfly knife from this drama prompted a spate of copycat attacks by disaffected teenagers. The series was forbidden to broadcast and forced to prune down before it got the green light. At the beginning of 1998, it caused several victims, one of whom was a school teacher stabbed to death. The adolescent murderer admitted imitating Takuya’s behavior in “Gift”. The media blamed him for this butterfly knife hysteria. The series was forbidden to rebroadcast forever, and videos of the series disappeared from shop shelves.


Rated by IMDB with 7.4/10

If you want to watch it, you can watch it here.



Just finished watching Gift, I’m not really sure why he was so into delivering things, but it was probably because of what he was supposed to “deliver” before he lost his memory. A different story line.

Still, a great acting job for #KimuTaku, mi loves. LOL!


@reikableu ๐Ÿ™‚


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