So I was supposed to write Sunday Currently vol. 2 but I would rather write about my experience with the event.

It was fantastic. EPIC. The group who organized the event did a great job, as in ang galing nila. They can start their own events coordinator business, they are that good. Grabe, hand down talaga ko sa OrgComm team. pak na pak eh.

They were able to accommodate as much as 2200 people. Ang dami nun.

FYI: all usernames you’ll see here are twitter handles

So I arrived as MOA around 10 AM, I was meeting She (@she_sapphire). When I arrived she was with Lovely (@aldenology). Then after a few minutes Em (@maichardedits) arrived. So we all went to SMX to stand in line to exchange our tickets to passes. The line was soooooo long. If you try to take a panoramic images, all angles will be full of people. I didn’t expect it to be that long. I did not expect to see old people lining up, same with yuppies and kids. It’s just so unbelievable.

Then I met the pregnant woman of Cambridge, lol. Mylene and Amee (I forgot their handles and I will post it once I connect to twitter  @myline02 and @FrozenSheKamote). They look so… pregnant. LOL again.

I was ecstatic to find out that we get to have a bag as a souvenir for the event and our passes are these cute wrist bands (I had to cut mine afterwards as I cannot remove it without doing so T_T).

So we ate at Bon Chon afterwards. Then there’s this girl making up stories about how Alden and Maine won’t be having a TS (Teleserye) because their management won’t agree with the pay. I wanted to butt in and tell her what an a-hole she is for lying, but I let it pass.Plus I had to, I have no choice, I don’t have my voice. I mostly do hand gestures, haha!! I have this bad cough and voice is so hoarse.

I wanted to meet a lot of people but my voicelessness stopped me from loitering.

So we stood in line again, at mas malayo na ang pila than earlier, we were at the back of the venue. It was hot but it was fun. There we got to meet this sweet Ate (or Aunt) she was telling us stories about the owner of CV Mags being an ALDUB fan and that he pays cash for the magazines, he is so sure that it will be a sold out, so he can get them ahead of National Bookstore. I just felt bad I was not able to get Ate’s twitter handle. We were laughing every now and then about some tards online and how they need to get a life.

So once inside the venue, I met Kat (@ishipwhatiship) again. I missed her. And Kit (@pambihira36), she’s still very cool and epileptic, I love you KIT. Then I met Pat (@pattyboy1099) but he did not meet me, re: voicelessness. Then  I picked up my Creative Collabs book, I had some author sign it. Ruthie (@wutie16) is soooooo sexy. I never had the chance to introduce myself to Ninna (@ninnabautista), Kach (thirdyisagirl) and others due to my voicelessness.

After a few minutes or maybe after an hour or so, I had to pee. So there was a long line again. So while waiting for my turn, a girl went in and said that Maine has already arrived but since ADN has a resibo policy, nobody believed her until she showed a picture of Maine on her phone. After she showed it, everybody was going in and out of the cubicles in just about 5-10 seconds, they peed sooooo fast. Hahaha!! Oh, btw, I also met Paige (@bankingonkismet) in the comfort room before going home. haha!

I went in and out of the cubicle in about 10 -15 seconds and then ran fast back inside Hall 4, when I got in they were singing Imagine You and Me. I did not see Maine, I only believed she was there when people at the front started standing up and shouting, she was really there. She walked up the stage and did a little speech. She was about to go down the stage when the lights were turned on and she was so surprised to see that there are lots of people. She kept on saying “Ang dami“, it’s like she can’t believe how many people are there for her. When she went down the stage she went to Lola Bae and Angel, and she hugged them. What a sight to behold.

After about 30 minutes to an hour, Alden arrived. He looks so tired but his eyes sparkled when he saw Maine. He went up the stage gave a few thank yous and lip synced, I would have preferred if he sang it live, “Your Guardian Angel”.

Eventually Maine and Alden decided to roam around, it was supposed to be a table-hopping of some sort, but I guess it is not feasible security wise, so they just circled the perimeter. Even though I was not able to take a picture of them or I was not able to have my picture taken with them, I’m still glad they came. I’m glad they were able to see how much we love them.

My favorite part was the “Keep Holding On” song number, Maine cried. Alden was almost in tears as well. They probably felt that we really won’t be leaving them no matter what. We love them, come hell or high water.

I’ve always said these words and I will gladly say them again. I never loved, and will never love, any other celebrity (unless it’s Thirdy or Charmaine) as much as I love ALDUB / MaiDen / MaiChard. They are the first and the only celebrity couple I prayed for and will continue praying for until they end up together and have their happy ever after.

I love you Nicomaine (@mainedcm) and Richard (@aldenrichards02), to the moon and back 1000000000 x times.

I’ll try to add photos here soon.

I enjoyed too much I only have these photos. Bummer!


Love lots,




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