Hero S02(2014) and Hero 2015 Movie


As always Kimura Takuya is the bomb! He’s a really versatile actor and I really love his smirk drools.

This is basically a second season of some sort, 14 years later, Hero season 1 first aired in Japan back in 2001.

This time he goes back to the same public prosecutor office branch, there are new characters, though there are still some that stayed. I would actually preferred if Amamiya is still there or if they at least showed what happened to Kuryu and her as a couple.


You can watch Hero 2007 here.

(Hero 2001 – Blog post here)


There is also a Hero Movie 2015 and of course, it still is the same theme and same smirk that I love. This time Kuryuu worked with Amamiya again

That you can watch here , or maybe you can download it as well from there. I’m not sure though.


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