Vampire In Love (2015 – Japanese)

I just finished watching Vampire In love (2015) or Koisuru Vampire; Japanese: 恋する・ヴァンパイア . It is a Japanese Vampire Romantic movie starring Mirei Kiritani, Shôta Totsuka, Natsume Mito, Ekin Cheng and Summer Meng. It was directed by Mai Suzuki.

IMDb rated it at 6.2/10 here.


Here is a short summary with less spoiler as possible.

This is a story of a vampire borne girl in Taiwan, who was loved and sheltered by her parents. She met a boy when she was still a little girl and fell in love with him. They meet each other as much as they can. Eventually one day the girl went home and found her family killed by another vampire who doesn’t want them to live with humans. After that incident, her grandfather took her to Japan and she lived with her aunt, her husband (human turned vampire) and the warping grandfather. After a few years she met the boy again, who is now a boob cream salesman (LOL). They eventually started dating after the boy remembered her (how he remembered her I will not share, watch the file to find out). Girl eventually found out that the boy doesn’t like vampires as his father was killed by the same vampire who killed the girl’s parents. Girl was then abducted by a vampire villain, a bit cliché. Boy looked for her, her family helped him get to Taiwan where the villain is. They tried to defeat him but failed. Eventually she killed the bad vampire by pretending to accept his proposal to be his bride so he can save her guy. So eventually it should be a “they live happily ever after” but the girl did some thing (which I won’t share again, watch the film) it took sometimes before they got to live happy ever after.

So what I like about the film is the fact that it is a vampire movie. I love vampires. It’s the typical vampire though that doesn’t like garlic, silver are poisons and that they do not like the sun compared to the “new” kind of vampires. There was a bit of a twist though, which I kind of like. The grandpa vamp created a serum called anti-anti-aging (LOL) that helps them age like a human does which coincidentally allowed them to be under the sun.

This film was an OKAY film for me. It’s not the best but you may want to watch it at least once. It is very light film. If you love vampires and wants to see a different take on them, then I would recommend to watch this.

You can watch it here (youtube).






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