Illegitimate Child T_T

I feel so bad right now. I was trying to schedule an appointment online to get a password for my baby. Of course I had to look for the requirements, and when I did it made me feel so sad.

They have categorized my son under “Illegitimate” for the fact that he was born under wedlock. It should be a big deal for me but I just suddenly felt bad that a child had to be called such just because of that. Is marriage really a big deal? Such terms can make or break a child’s future. Being called an “illegitimate” child can be a cause for my son to get bullied at school, can be a cause for him to be treated unfairly at school, and I just feel so bad for him and all the other child who has to be tagged as such.

So what if my son was born out of wedlock? Does that make me a bad parent? Does that make my son any less fortunate than other children out there? As far as I know I’m giving my son the BEST that any parent can give their child, it doesn’t matter if I’m married or not.

I really hope such term will not be used towards my son. I just don’t feel good hearing it.





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