Love Generation (JDorama)

Kimura Takuya “Teppei” and Takako Matsu “Riko” , I get speechless, they look soooo good together. The first time I saw them on Long Vacation, I knew they’d be a hit as a LOVE TEAM, and I was right. (Yeah, I saw both the series about 15 years after it was originally aired, so what?)

They look really cute together, plus they are both great actors, they complement each other. For me, it was perfect.

So watching them here in Love Generation made me giddy. It was an unusual story since it was Takako who runs after Kimura, well at least I felt like it was that way. I felt like she loved him more.

There were two scenes that caught my attention, one was when they were at the shore and Teppei lost Riko’s engagement ring. And second was the one at the office when she cut his long hair. I was like “Woah!”.

Two things I found weird was this AD that shows almost all the time and the crystal apple. True love never runs smooth is a line mostly seen on the  AD. It was accurate AF on the story line though.

It was a good watch, felt like a teenager all over again.


IMDb rated it 8/10 here.

You can watch it here.

Image from MyDramaList






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