Priceless: Aru Wake Nedaro, Nanmon!




The first episode itself is something that made me wonder and want to continue watching. Let me rephrase that, the first 3 minutes got me hooked.

What did Fumio Kindaichi do to be fired from his job, be jailed and lose his house to fire (explosion) on the same day? It’s puzzling and I love it.

How unlucky can a guy be?

I like this through and through. It’s just a bit unusual that every individual who got fired at the company stayed on one room at the run-down house with the kids and their grandma.

You guys should watch this. I recommend it to everyone. This is a feel good JDorama about life, friendship, and family.

Money is not always everything.


You can watch it here.

I can’t seem to see it IMDb has done a review for this, but personally I will rate this 8/10.


It has comedy on it, drama, and a bit of romance.




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