Beautiful Life (JDorama)

How can a series be so Beautifully Painful? That’s how I describe this series.

Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with the Female protagonist for the fact that she’s so pessimist, it’s to a fault. Yes, I understand she’s a person with disability, due to her illness, but she seemed to think that everyone is doing something good for her because of that. Isn’t that a bit too much? Can’t anybody be just nice, sweet or even fall in love with you, because you are you and not because you have a life threatening illness?

IMDb rated this seriesΒ 7.9/10 here.

Though Personally I would rate it 8.0 / 10. If she was not so pessimist, I would have rated this 9 and if this was a happy ending I would have rated this 9.5.


Image from MyDramaList


Be ready to weep in the last two episodes. I actually did not expect that cause it was feel good the first few episodes. It was really painfully beautiful, I would repeat it again and again. It broke my heart, really.

I wouldn’t share the story as I would have to give spoilers if I do (I already did by saying that it isn’t a happy ending.)

I would definitely suggest you watch it. Definitely.

You can watch it here.




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