Zanne (19-20)

19. Monster

Nicomaine went as fast as she came. She still can’t believe that Richard just confessed his feelings to her.

She decided to walk the streets of QC. It’s already dark and there are very few people walking. She would not recommend walking these streets to a lady specially at night. But she’s not just a lady. And that is her point.

How can somebody like her deserve to be loved? She has killed a lot of people and it doesn’t even matter if they were bad people, she’s still a murderer. She drinks human blood to survive. How can he love her? She’s nothing but a parasite.

Nicomaine did not notice that there was a man following her she was so deep into her thoughts that she decided to not care of her surroundings. He has this smug look on his face. He probably thinks he’s lucky. Well he is not.  He decided to slowly approach her. Nicomaine was in a dark alley 5 blocks away from Richard’s condo when the guy decided to make his move.

“Miss… ” He said and walked next to Nicomaine. He took out what looked like a dagger and showed it to her. “If you do not want to get hurt, just follow my instructions.” Nicomaine just walked to where he was taking her, letting him think she was being cooperative. He pushed her next to the big garbage bin. He pointed the dagger stomach. “Take your clothes off. Now!” He ordered Nicomaine but she did not bulge.” He push the dagger a bit closer to her.

Nicomaine looked at him. He was a big guy, the size of Batista, the wrestler. Nicomaine looks so fragile next to him. But he was not so lucky, Nicomaine suddenly felt hungry.

“I’m sorry, wrong move.” Nicomaine mumurred. “What…” Before he can say anything more, Nicomaine held and twisted his hand holding the dagger until she heard his bone crack. She threw him accross the alley like he was just a toy. She walked to his direction. He looks so scared. “What are you?” She answered him by showing her fangs to him. “Oh shit!” The guy shouted and tried to run but she was fast, a lot faster than him. She was able to get to him even before he can start running. She held his head and shoulder. She let her fangs sink into his skin and sucked her much needed blood like her life depended on it, (it does though).

After a few minutes, she let him go. The guys fell to the ground, lifeless. She wiped her moutg with her arms, took her phone from her back pocket and dialed a number. “Sam. I need your cleaning services.” She said as soon as the person on the other line answered. She told them what happened then gave the address of her location.

While waiting the cleaners she took a good look at her pray. “This is the real me. A monster like me does not deserve love.”

20. Monster-y

The following day Maine received a call from Richard. No, let’s correct that, she actually has 7 Missed Calls from Richard and 15 messages asking where she is. She decided to still ignore him.

She was inside her freezer when she heard movements down stairs. She stood up right away and wore her robe –yes, she sleeps in her birthday suit. She jumped from the top of the stairs to the last step and looked where she heard the noise. She was in a tiger-like, she was slightly   crouching, ready to attack whoever the intruder was.

<image for reference>

<image for reference>

She let her feral instinct loose and jump at the back of the intruder, fangs out. The intruder turned around while she was mid-air. She saw the scared look on his face, on Richard’s face, but she cannot stop her attack anymore. She then just changed her direction and tried to jump over Richard. She hit the the kitchen counter with a loud bang. The granite of the counter broke into pieces.

Richard was shocked to see her fangs out.

“Are you ok, Dei?” He asked after he got over his initial shock.

“I’m fine.” She said and slowly went down from the broken countertop. She did not notice that her robe got untied, showing her naked body to Richard. She only noticed it when she heard Richard’s heartbeat, it became erratic.

“Is something wrong with you? Your heartbeat changed.” She told him. Richard just looked at her. His ears are so red. He used his mouth to point what the problem is. “Oh…” She said and tied her robe.

She turned her back on him and asked. “What are you doing here anyways? I almost killed you. How did you even get in?”

“Sorry. You were not answering my calls and my messages so I got worried.” He explained and decided to not answer how he got in.

“You got worried? Are you kidding me? I can definitely take care of myself. The people around me should worry about themselves being close to me. Look at what just happened. I gave you a scare, right?”

“Just a little. This is the first time I saw you all…” He paused for a bit thinking of the right word to describe how she looked earlier.

“Monster-y…” She finished his sentence.

“Definitely not monster-y. Feral, that’s the term I would prefer to use. You look hot and scary at the same time.” Nicomaine can imagine him smiling while saying those words.

“Look Richard, “She said and faced him. “I am a monster. Accept that. You cannot worry about me. You cannot be with me. You cannot love me.” She walked pass him. “You should understand that you are our kind’s food.”

Richard stopped her by holding her arm, “So you want to eat me?” He was smirking.

“Oh my freaking God. Don’t use that tone on me Richard.”

“What? What tone?”

“Just stop it, ok? You should be fine with us being friends. It cannot be more than that.”

“Why? Because you find me appetizing? Just tell me. I’m willing to be eaten by you. Or I can even offer you a drink.” He said and moved his arm near her mouth.

“You are such a stubborn ass. Testa dura!  (Hard-headed!)”


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