Andô Lloyd: A.I. Knows Love?

This series is pretty interesting to me.

The concept, the characters, most especially the timeline (timeloop -whatever you want to call it) — it’s most definitely not the first time that the topic / concept has been used but it was delivered differently.

I like the fact that Kimura played both the main character: Llyod, and a secondary character: Reiji. Yep, you saw the correctly, I only see Reiji as a secondary character. I know if not because of him then Lloyd wouldn’t be there, but reasons.

I did not see the twist coming though.


I couldn’t believe that it was Nanase who “mothered” the highschool girl and I can’t believe she has a MPD (multiple personality disorder).  I cannot believe as well that she, well her other self Reiko, killed their parents.


It was very refreshing. A bit of comedy, drama and action rolled into one.


KimuTaku’s acting was superb. From being Reiji, he totally morphs into this new character as Lloyd.

From this dork (image from


To this Ruthless yet kind-hearted killer (image from


I like the idea that his body will eventually be returned to Reiji at the end of the series.

I would love this series to be longer, but 10 episodes will suffice. It doesn’t drag or get boring.

This was rated 7.1/10 by IMDb which you can see here.

Do watch it here. I highly recommend it to those who love sci-fi, action, and those time travel kind of stuff or those people who love futuristics stories (please be reminded though that it was set in 2013).



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