Happy Birthday Indeed

January 1, 2017  11:00 PM


“Love, di ba talaga kayo makakauwi tomorrow before Eat Bulaga?” RJ asked pouting.

“Love sorry, yung flight kase nai-book was 10:30am, I really don’t think I can make it.” Maine was making faces trying to make her love laugh. She knows he’s about to burst into tears.

“Kase naman eh… “

“I’m really sorry Love. Babawi na lang ako, I promise” She even raised her right hand to give emphasis.

“Ano bang magagawa ko? Ang lungkot lang.” He bowed his head.

“Love? Wag ka na sad plith?” She said using her tri-year-old voice.


RJ can’t help but smile when she’s being like this. “Hay, mahal talaga kita. Di ko kayang sumama ang loob ko sayo.”


“I wav yu..” Maine blew a kiss and smiled. “But seriously, I love you Richard. I really do. I will do everything I can to make you happy.”


“I know Love, and I love you more.”


January 1,2017 11:30 PM


“Love, I have to go. Nanay needs my help with packing. I’ll try to call you again by 12 midnight ok? I love you.”


“I love… “ was cut off by her image disappearing “you too… “  he murmured.


Richard decided to just lay down in bed and wait for her call. He is in his house in Laguna as he promised her Lola they’ll have breakfast before he leaves to eat bulaga.


January 1, 2017 11:58 PM


He heard a knock on his door.


“Sino yan?”


“Ako kuya..” It was Riza.


He opened the door and was surprised. She was holding an iron man cake.


“Wow! Thanks!” He took the cake and opened the door wider. “Nag-abala ka pa.”


“Eh hindi naman sa akin galing yan.” Riza was grinning.


“Huh? Eh kanino?” He asked.


“Eh di sa akin. Ayaw mo ba?” He almost dropped the cake after hearing that voice. Di sya magkakamali. He knows her voice very well kaya nga di sya naloko sa SPS nung sinabi nilang sya yun. Well yeah, humopia sya ng very light, but his heart knows.


January 2,2017 12:00 AM


“Nicomaine… “ He said, teary-eyed.


“Oh bakit ka umiiyak Richard?” Maine was beaming and grinning.


“He walked out of his room, gave the cake back to Riza and signaled her to leave.


“Ay grabe sya. “ Riza said before leaving.


“So akala mo ikaw lang marunong mang-surprise?” Maine said and gave him a bear hug.


“Oh God, I love you Meng.” He was already in tears. “Kelan ka dumating? Akala ko talaga di ka makakauwi on time.”


“Jusko ang iyakin mo talaga. Ako pa ba? Nung tumawag ako, andun na ko sa baba.” Maine laughed a hearty laugh. “Happy birthday RJ.”


“Thank you Meng. Thank you for being here.” He said wiping his tears.


“Di ko papalagpasin ang pag turn mo from payb to siks. Ako pa ba?” She said.


He held her hand and walked her to his room. Once under the door. He pointed at the mistletoe still pinned on top of his door. “I won’t miss this chance. Happy birthday to me.” He said and kissed his love full on the lips.






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