Funny and Disastrous Valentine

It was their fourth valentine together. Maine wanted to surprise RJ with a romantic candlelight dinner. She texted him ahead asking him to visit her condo at around 8 PM.

To RJ Loves:


Be at the condo at 8 PM ok? Love you!

She prepared a table and designed it with paper origamis with different colors. She even watched youtube for the designs. She wanted everything to be perfect. She even tried making an Ironman origami, as RJ loves Ironman.

She cooked carbonara, she even searched for the recipe of the carbonara he liked in one of the restos they ate at in Como.

“Perfecto.” she said in an Italian accent after tasting the sauce she made.

She even shopped for the perfect dress. She found an ironman dress. She looked at herself in the mirror, made sure no hair was out of place. “Perfect.”

She looked at the clock, 7:45 PM.

“He’d be here soon.” She took out the wine glasses from her cupboard and placed it on the table. She smiled and lit the candles. “There.”

She knows his OC tendencies so she made sure nothing was out of place.

“Candles, check.”

“Origamis, check.”

“Carbonara, check.”

“Wine, check.”

She breathe a sigh of relief. All’s good. She thought.

At 7:58 PM she heard a knock on the door. She excitedly stood up from her love seat and opened the door. Once she opened the door the light started flickering. “Oh shit.” she said.

“Oh, what happened?” RJ asked.

“I guess it’s a blackout.” she frowned.

“That’s ok. Let’s go out na lang.” RJ said. “Tara.” RJ started pulling her out the door.

“No.” she said and stomped her feet. “I wanted it to be perfect.” She started sobbing softly. After a few minutes, it’s already a full blown ugly cry.

“I… prepared… a dinner…” She was sobbing in between. RJ ushered her inside. “Ok lang yan Love.” RJ was smiling.

“Anong nakakatawa?” She was getting frustrated. “Huhuhu!” She was sobbing so hard. “Sit down.” She still manage to tell RJ and pointed him to the table she prepared.

She went back the the kitchen and took the carbonara off the stove. She was trying very hard to see the floor so sle won’t slip. This can still work. It’s a candle light dinner naman. She thought to herself and tried to smile.

“I cooked carbonara for you.” She announced and looked at the table. The Ironman origami swayed and landed on the candle. “Oh shit, oh shit!” She hurriedly walked towards the table and she slipped. The carbonara she was holding was now all over RJ. RJ had to pour the glass of water on the Ironman origami that’s currently burning.

“Sorry… it’s all ruined.” She slumped on the floor and burst out crying, ugly crying to the highest level.

Rj started laughing so hard Maine stopped crying. “Anong nakakatawa?” Maine asked, still crying.

“Yung sitwasyon. This is the funniest valentine date I had.” RJ said still laughing in between.

“Grabe ka. Pinagtatawanan mo ko. Umalis ka na!” Maine turned around and started crying again.

“Love stop crying.” RJ stood up, with carbonara and all. He sat down on the floor as well and and hugged Maine. “Love di ikaw yung pinagtatawanan ko. Wag ka na umiyak.” He said while patting her head.

“Eh kase naman…” She’s still sobbing. “Di na perfect valentine to. Funny and disastrous na.” She said.

“No Love, this is still perfect.” RJ stopped laughing and held her shoulder to help her face him. “You and Me here, together, this is already perfect. Di na kelangan ng dinner. Chaka seeing you in an Ironman dress, is already perfect for me.”

“Talaga?” Maine asked while wiping her tears.

“Talagang… Talaga…” RJ kissed his both her eyes. “So you should stop crying.”

“Ikaw.” RJ kissed her forehead. “At ako.” He kissed her nose. “Tayong dalawa.” He kissed her lips. “Always.” He kissed her on the lips again, this time full and with gusto.


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