My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra

July 16, 2020

Nicomaine woke up with somebody singing. She knows this voice, she recognizes it by heart.

“Richard” she murmured softly.

My funny valentine

Sweet comic valentine

You make me smile with my heart

Your looks are laughable


Yet you’re my favorite work of art

She stood up, wore a robe and tried to follow where the voice is coming from, as he’s definitely not inside their room. They were inside a cottage they rented for this occasion. Weird as it may seem but they actually celebrate their first split screen smile. Maine originally wanted to rent a hotel room but her husband wanted to be near the nature so they settled here. The place is called “Chalet Hinata”, located in the Nagano Prefecture. It was atop a mountain.

“Richard?” She called out. No response. “RJ, love?” She called out again.

Is your Figure less than Greek?

Is your mouth a little weak?

When you open it to speak

Are you smart?

She went directly to the veranda on the second floor to see if he’s outside –and he is. He’s chopping woods. She stood there for a bit, placed both her elbows on the baluster and her hands under her chin. He was still singing. It was a sight to behold. She can see his muscles move. She licked her lips. “Hala, hayok lang Menggay?” She giggled a little.

But don’t change a hair for me

Not if you care for me

Stay little valentine stay

Each day is Valentines day

“Love!” She called out, this time shouting. “What are you doing?” Richard then dropped the ax and looked towards her direction. “Nagsisibak.” He said plainly and smiled. “Bakit ka nga nagsisibak? Kelangan ba yan? Pawis na pawis ka na oh…” she said and made a sad face. Richard laughed his hearty love she loved so much. “Eh wala kaseng gym dito. Alam kong love na love mo tong biceps ko kaya sinisigurado kong ok pa sila.” He said and flexed his left arm. “Wait for me there, don’t move a muscle.” Maine said and disappeared.

Is your figure less than Greek

Is your mouth a little weak

When you open it to Speak

Are you smart?

She went back to their room and took a good morning towel with her on the way.

Once outside she saw RJ still had his left arm flexed. “Oh ano yan?” she asked. “Sabi mo kase don’t move a muscle.” Maine ran to him while laughing. “Loko ka talaga.” She wiped his face first, then his biceps –with matching pisil, then his back. “Mamaya magkasakit ka eh. Chaka we’re here for vacation, di naman siguro mawawala yang biceps mo kung di ka mag-gym for a few days diba?”

Richard took her hand and walked away from where he was standing. “May naisip akong mas magandang exercise, tara sa loob.”  He faced Maine and scooped her up. “Eeeee!! Ano ba RJ. Ang aga-aga ah…” “Ayaw mo ba?” He pouted. “Gusto.” Maine whispered. “Ano? Can’t hear you, love.” “Sabi ko gusto.” Maine said, blushing.

But don’t change a hair for me

Not if you care for me

Stay little valentine stay

Each day is valentines day.

Richard ran to the cottage while carrying Maine, making sure he doesn’t slip.

Richard sat her on the counter top and started kissing her on the neck whilst untying her robe.

You can hear Maine’s laughter from inside the cottage, good thing nobody’s there right now to hear her gleeful screams.


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