Untouched (tbc…)

Entry for AmaCon #A4Day3

Prompt: Fire and Ice


Each time Richard touches anything, they burn, they turn to ashes in just a matter of seconds. His touch is like Midas’, minus the gold. All his life he has tried his best to avoid causing trouble. When he was twelve, he accidentally burned down their house along with his siblings. Since then he decided to keep his hands to himself. He never had the urge to touch anything or anyone, even his parents, until she came.


He describes her beauty as ethereal. His doom. Each time she comes near him he wanted to touch her. “But I can’t. I won’t. I do not want to harm her.” He decided that looking, admiring and loving from afar is the best option. Unless he want to see her burn to ashes.




She’s never felt warmth all her life. She’s been born with such fate that doomed her into never ending coldness. Nicomaine is the Ice Queen, yes, that’s what she calls herself. She’s been cursed to a life of never ending cold and ice. Nobody can see it though, it’s deep within her. Never feeling warmth, always numb. She just wanted to give up her life and die. That is, before she crossed paths with him.


Each time his near her, she can feel warmth. She can feel her numbness washing away. She can feel the ice in her heart melting like snow during summer. She wanted to feel his touch but he seemed distant, scared even to get close to her. Each time she tries to approach him, he turns the other way. “What can I do to feel his touch? What can I do to feel his warmth?”


A few weeks back


Nicomaine was walking towards the church she always visit after school. She normally stays there until she doesn’t feel uncaring or cold anymore, but it has never happened yet. She goes home with her head down and hopes shattered. Every single day that she visited the church, she only had one wish to God, scratch that, two. One, is to get her curse lifted –to allow her to feel again, have her feel warmth again or, second to just die if her first wish won’t come true. She wants Him to end her life, because she couldn’t do it on her own. As always, she has her head down, avoiding other people to see her cold, blank gaze.


She was almost at the huge door of the church when she accidentally bumped into someone. She suddenly felt warm, a feeling she thought she’d never feel again after the faithfull day she was cursed. It was just for a brief second, but it made her feel. It made her feel, something she thought would never happen again. Her numbness slowly melting until the warmth disappeared. She looked up and saw the fire in his eyes, literally and figuratively.


He was looking at her and was slowly stepping back. Each step backwards that he makes the ice in Nicomaine’s heart slowly builds up again. No. She thought. “Sorry Miss, are you ok?” He looked as if he’s gonna reach for her but he stopped midway. He pulled his hand back like his life depended on it. “I’m alright. What’s your name? Are you here often?” It was not in her nature but she can’t help but ask. He was just staring at her. She took a step towards him, he took a step back.


She has the most beautiful face he’s ever seen all his miserable life. Her beauty was ethereal. And her standing very close to him and almost touching her when she bumped to him scared him. It scared the hell out of him. “Please stop.” I had to stop her trying to get close to me. He stepped back. He does not want to see her suffer the same way my siblings did.


“Can you just answer my question?” She asked, sounding distant. “Are you here often?”


“No.” He answered timidly. He’s still looking at her face, memorizing each line and curve. This may be the last time he’ll see her. It has to be the last time. He thought.


“Can you come here often, then?” She stepped closer again. “I want to know you more.” I want to feel warmth. I want to feel your warmth.


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