My son’s eyes

Before the year ended, my sister took a few photos of my family as out Christmas photo and to send to my Aunt’s birthday.

A few photos called her attention, 2 photos actually, as my son’s eyes seemed to be glowing on them.

Here’s one of them. See his eyes, it’s cat-like, or something. Like it is glowing.


Now then my sister told me about something she read online about diseases with the glowing eye as a symptom. So the worry-wart mother in me worries, of course, and research about it.

Based on my research “The Glow” can be indeed a symptom of one of the few eye condition that can cause blindness. Some are Coat’s Disease, Norrie’s Disease and Congenital Cataract.

Of course, it scared me more. So I read further.

As per

“The Glow,”is an abnormal red eye reflex, appears as a white or gold pupil in photographs. Its reflective shine is an indicator of several potentially devastating and preventable childhood eye diseases.

On the website I found details about an app created to check or scan if an individual has “the glow”. The app is called CRADLE and I installed it right away on my phone. (Thank’s Gelo for letting me leech into your data) I scanned all 5000 photos on my phone, negative result. I sighed a sigh of relief. When I got home I closed the curtain in my and my son’s room and scanned his image. Of course, he doesn’t want to be subjected to such torture (LOL) he’s not comfortable with the flash, so I had to force him.Negative again, all’s normal according to CRADLE. The app has about 96% accuracy, so to be sure I’ll bring my son and have his eyes checked.

Will update this after the check up, which is hopefully tomorrow if my SOLO PARENT LEAVE gets approved, and it should be approved.




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