My son’s eyes – Update 


Went to a Pedia-ophthalmologist earlier. We waited for 2 hours and a half before being entertaimed by the doctor and we only lasted about 5 minutes in his office, maybe even less than that.
So as soon as we went into the doctor’s office my son started cryin, ugly cry at that. I was carrying him amd he was struggling against my hold. Gosh, he was like incredible hulk. He’s hard to control. The doctor had a hard time checking his ryes as he was moving alot, like a worm salted. The doctor said his eyes were fine and also reminded me to not scare my son and talk to him about the need to get checked.
As soon as we went out of the doctor’s office he stopped crying and struggling. At his age, 29 months, he already knows what he doesn’t want. And he doesn’t want beong checked by doctors (Yep, this is not the first time he acted like this).
I was advised by the doctor to still take photos of him on a darkened room with flash, and to make sure he looks straight at the camera for best results of the red eye reflex test.


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