Blue Hair Color – The Journey Part 1

I have always loved color blue.

I bought blue things as much as I can. It is my favorite color, next would be yellow.

Well, since college I wanted to dye my hair blue. I never had the time nor the money to do so, as it is time consuming and expensive to do so.

So it took me 7 years before I was able to start the process of dyeing my hair blue.

About 2 weeks ago, I had my hair cut as a first part of the process. I had a waist length hair and even if I have the money it will be a lot cheaper if I cut it shorter.


Last Saturday, I already bleached my hair. I was informed that I need to do a second round of bleaching as my hair needs to be lighter to get a better hue since I wanted blue.


Will give further updates as I plan to go back to the salon later today for the second round of bleaching.







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