Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Oh. My. God.

I think I just fell in love with another Japanese, aside from Kimura Takuya. But #KimuTaku you’re still my No. 1…

So I “met” him because of  Wolf Girl and Black Prince,  I actually met him through Death Note. Kento Yamazaki, played L on Death Note, WHY DID I NOT NOTICE THAT RIGHT AWAY?!?! WHY?!?! (Okay, I’m ranting.)

I was setting my expectations very low with regards this film, as I’ve been disappointed a lot of times with the random Japanese movies I’ve watched recently. But lo and behold, I kind of enjoyed Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

I was rated low by IMDB, like 5.8/10, kind of low. You can see it here. But I would actually rate it a 7.5 or 8.

This movie is not the best, but I was feel good. I cried towards the end, as I most of the time do, since I have a very low tear duct. LOL. But this was a feel good movie, for me. It was full of cliche, you know, Cinderella type girl meets Handsome Bad boy Prince, but heck I liked it.

Oh my God!

You guys have to watch Wolf Girl and Black Prince. I swear it was a good watch.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince has the same feel as the Thai movie “A Crazy Little a Thing Called Love” for me. It’s something I can definitely watch more than one time.


1/19/2017 1:05 AM
I watched it for the second time. I still feel no “spark” between Wolf Girl and Black Prince. I hope they’ve chosen a different girl for the role of Erika.

There are a few long shots or continuous shots in the film that I did not find necessary, it was somehow dragging, but I liked the once where Kyouya was running looking for Erika, because it made sense. LOL.

Kento was not the best when it comes to acting, Kimura Takuya was my standard for that, but he’s getting there.

I also liked the songs used, most of them was English probably because it was a Warner Bros film, even if it was a Japanese film. I liked the song of the scene after Erika poured water over Kyuoya. I searched for the song and it is entitled “A Million Miles Away” by Sugar Me.

Here it is: https://youtu.be/Kxkp1m44jNg

Update as of 2/7/2017 12:48 AM PHX

The Youtube video has just been removed. I’ve already updated it with this one.



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