Hiroin Shikkaku ヒロイン失格

This movie has lots of titles:

No Longer Heroine

Heroine Disqualified

Hiroin Shikkaku



I would place this movie under the ROM-COM genre.

At the beginning it was more of the comedic stunt of  Mirei Kiritani who played Hatori, the “heroine”. I actually like her, I watched “Vampire In love” and she was great with light acting and her comedic timing was on point.

Kento’s character Rita, is an aloof guy who loves himself alot. Well, at least that’s how Hatori describes his character.

This movie reminded me of a Tagalog Romance novel I read in the past entitled Princess Georgina, wherein the heroine has already set her eyes to the guy he will be marrying when she grows up. The only difference is that Hatori did not pursue Rita right away, wherein Georgina even if she’s just a grade schooler she has always been very vocal of her feeling for the guy.

I really liked Hatori’s playful character here. Very light and funny. Though I loved her more because she can convey the hurt quite well too.

I like the stories twist and turns. I actually like that fact that Adachi was the villain of the movie and she doesn’t look like one or act like one at first.


Image from MyDramaList


Overall, I liked No Longer Heroine it was also a feel good movie, but because I’m such a cry baby I cried towards the last part of the movie again. PS: When I cry it doesn’t mean the movie is really a tear-jerker, I’m just really a cry baby.

I prefered Mirei as Kento’s love interest, they have the spark I was looking for between Kento and Fumi on Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Mirei and Kento, I believe, has better chemistry.

I just hope Kento gets a different kinds of role aside from being cold hearted, aloof or silent. I can’t shake off his L persona because of these roles he portray.


This movie is rated 6.7/10 by IMDb, view it here

You can watch it here.



Image from: http://asianwiki.com/No_Longer_Heroine


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