Another movie starring Kento Yamazaki.

This can fall under the genre of romance and scifi. The story is a bit futuristic. If receiving a letter from yourself 10 years in the future isn’t scifi-ish to you, or futuristic, then I don’t know anymore. LOL. 

Ok, so watching it further made me reevaluate my previous statement. Yes, there is romance, but the genre of this is more of “splice of life”. It tells more about a friendship between a transferee student and 4 more individuals that has been together even before. How friendship and a little bit of love can save a life. And the only thing futuristic about the movie are the letters from themselves (Suwa and Naho) 10 years in the future.

Being able to change the future to make it better, is it really possible? On one of the scene the teacher discussed about having a parallel future appears if one from the future goes back and try to change things. I actually think it’s more of that than actually changing the future that that person came from. The way the letters were sent though was a let down for me, what they did was like using a time capsule (that should be for people in the future and not vice versa) then it just magically appears in the bag. It could have been better, i suppose.

I just felt a little sad that Kento is always being put on a role that either has a bad attitude, aloof or has a dark side. Yes he smiles more on this movie, but I really hope he gets other type of roles, more challenging roles.



IMDb rated this a 7.0/10 and you can check it here

You can watch it here.



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