Blue Hair – Almost There (Part 2.5)

So I decided to test Arctic Fox Poseidon on a few strands of my hair to see how the color would react to the current status or level of my bleached hair.

This is the Arctic Fox Poseidon, for the benefit of those who’s not familiar with it.

(insert image)
And here’s how it looks like.

It did not satisfy me, I tested it further.

I think I’m ok with the color. It seemed to havr a blue green tint because my hair is still golden yellow. I’m ok with it though as it has more of the blue tint.

By Saturday, I will color all the bleached part of my hair blue. I just hope I don’t get to use the whole bottlr for future use, touch ups when it begins to fade.
Ps: I read a few blogs saying that it stains alot, as of this testing, it doesn’t seem like it, but there are a few on my nails.



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