Blue Hair -Achieved! (Part 3)

So I decided to color the whole bleached part of my hair. I asked for my mom’s help. She was the one who applied it to my hair to make sure that it will be applied properly.
The materials used:

Arctic Fox Poseidom 8oz Bottle

(pardon the dishes in the background)

I bought it from HairObessionPh

Mixing bowl and the comb used for coloring (i do not know how it’s called)

My old yellow shirt so I won’t get stained.

And my shower cap.

So…  I was not able to take a picture of them before I used it. Teehee! I got excited.
I also used my sister’s blower to heat it up a bit. According to some online instructions I read, it’s best to use it so that the hair can absorb the color more.

Usually you only leave the hair color about 45 minutes, but since arctic fox has no chemical and it smells sooooo good, yep it smells like candy, I left it on my hair for about 2 hours.
And here’s the result:

It does stain though, not as bad as I heard, but it does stain. 

Here are  more photos with my hair dry and se shots taken the next day, in the morning. 

So, overall, I liked how it came out to be. I have achieved my dream of having a blue hair.




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