I’m Home

Another series from my beloved Takuya, and this was the most recent, if I am not mistaken.  I am mistaken, he has a new TV series and it started airing January 2017.


Here Takuya played Hisashi Eiji, a salary man who takes pride in his job and prioritizes it above anything else. He suddenly got into an accident that causes him to lose the last 5 to 6 years worth of memory. He doesn’t remember anything that took place during that span of time. Aside from his memory loss, he also cannot see the face of his wife and child.He cannot remember them and he sees them wearing a white porcelain (well at least it sounded porcelain each time he touches their face) masks even on pictures or videos. Which I found very weird. I tried to do a bit of research if there’s actually such a case, I found none so far.

Is it really possible that your whole character will be changed after an accident? Can a trauma cause such drastic changes in your personality? From a cold-hearted guy who only thinks of money to a loving and warm guy who cares about others feelings?


I liked how the story played out. It was fast paced and each episode was never boring.


It was rated  7.9/10 by IMDb, you can view it here.

You can watch it from here.




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