A Sleeping Forest

Romanji Title: Nemureru Mori

English Title: A Sleeping Forest

Japanese Title: 眠れる森

Naoki: The moment that the princess woke up, she accepted the prince’s proposal. Doesn’t it seem strange when you think about it? That princess had been asleep all along. She didn’t know the difficulties the prince had to go through to wake her up. She just accepted his proposal when he appeared in front of her.

Minako: She must have known by the look in his eyes that he was the one. The one who fought a witch and would have willingly given up his life for her.


Image from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Nemureru_Mori

This was rated 7.9/10 on IMDB, you can see it here.

Another tv series that was originally aired in 1998. Takuya Kimura played another lead role. If you haven’t noticed yet, I just love KimuTaku soooo muchhhhh!

He looks so young here, well, because he is.

His character here is really mysterious and a bit scary. He plays Ito Naoki. I see no trace of him being his character in Hero or in Beautiful Life. He has this capability of washing off all traces of his other characters and you’ll just ser him as he is. I’m actually weirded out by his line “You are a part of me.” Like, what the F is he talking about? How can she be a part of him? I also have been wondering (in the first few episodes) why he was so eager to find a flaw with the guy Minako is marrying. Does he really want her for himself, or is there any other reasons?

The lead female character here, Minako Oba, is a girl who has been involved in a murder yet she seemed to think that she lost her family in a car accident. She may have been hypnotized (you’d see a few scenes suggesting this and eventually, it will be explained) to think so or she was just too young and was led to believe this is what happened by people around her. Though she did see the murder, based on a few memory flashbacks.


Minako eventually started remembering more of her past as the episode progresses, and as she did, “cruel” things started to happen more.


Who really killed Minako’s family?

Why was she spared? 

Will Naoki and Minako end up together?


The twist and turns of this series was just unpredictable. It’s really written and played well. I would like to tell more but that would cause me to tell you lots of spoilers which I am trying very hard to avoid.

I really recommend this series to those who likes mystery. It’s something that would really make you think.

It was well written, at least based on my opinion, and the I’ll repeat it again, Kimura did a very good job portraying his character here.

You can watch it here.


PS: I can’t help it.





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