First Love (Thai Movie)

Thai Title: สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า…รัก (Sing lek lek thi riak wa… rak, lit)

English Title: First Love

AKA: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It was rated 7.7/10 by IMDb here.


Image from IMDB as well

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I just had to. 🙂


So I have watched this Thai movie about eight or nine times now and it still gives the same feel.

This movie was released in Thailand back in August 12, 2010.

There will be spoilers on this, but I would assume you have already watched it.


My favorite part started when Nam followed Shone to the pool area to confess her love, until after Shone left his photo book in front of the door of Nam’s residence. It was a tearjerker for me (aside from the fact that I’m really a cry baby).

The number of times I’ve watched this movie is also the number of times I’ve asked why is it that only Nam seemed to have “grown” in a lot of sense. You see, the last part, during the TV show, her friends dressed grown-up but they do not really look and feel that one. Or maybe it is just me?

I also felt like there was a whole chunk of the story missing, even though I love this movie. What happened during the 9 years that they were apart? How is it possible to stay “in love” with each other even though they have not seen or they have no contact with each other? Ain’t that weird?


And I have to mention the OST.

The OST just works for me. Even though I cannot understand the language, the melody touched my heart. It was just awesome.

  • “Someday”, sung by Marisa Sukosol Numphakdi
  • “A Little Thing Called Love”, sung by Wan Thanakrit
  • “Because of My Heart”, sung by Chick Whantana
  • “Someday I’ll Be Good Enough”, sung by Bodyslam
  • “The Star”, sung by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul
  • “Day, Month, Year (DMY)”, sung by Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn

Someday was my favorite, it was the song, if I’m not mistaken, during my favorite part.


Watch it here.





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