Pride プライド

English Title: Pride

Romanji: Puraido

Kana Title: プライド

415zsieadkl  [image from wikipedia]


This one has Takuya Kimura playing as Halu Satonaka. He is the captain and the star player of an ice hockey team. He takes ice hockey very seriously and sees love as a game, when it should be the other way around right?

He also has this weird line that he often say “Your like someone from the last century.” I don’t get it, do you? LOL.

So he became an ice hockey player because of a mentor he respects so much. Eventually at the beginning of the series his mentor-slash-coach died and was eventually replaced by another Coach who has a very different approach to which Halu opposes, at first.

His love interest is Aki, played by Takeuchi Yuko. She’s a girl waiting for her boyfriend who left to study abroad. She’s one of those people who Halu regarded as “someone from the last century.”

What I love about this series is that each episode has it’s own “story”. Every episode was interesting. It was never boring and the story doesn’t drag.

At first I thought I would be comparing this to Enjin (Engine) since they are both sportrelated – ice hockey and car racing –  but I was wrong. I did not see any hint that Kimura played a role of a car racer. In this series all I can see is HALU, the iceman. He really is a very good actor.



Why would you choose somebody who made you wait for 2 years without even contacting you?

How can you be such a coward to let go of such a wonderful love?

Oh gosh you two. You’re making me sad.


I also like how there is a great chemistry between Takuya and Yuko. They look very good together. Though I would have loved it more if it was Kimura Takuya and Takako Matsu.


Rated 8.0/10 by IMDb, you can see it here.


Watch it at kissasian here.


BTW: I find the OST of this series a bit weird. But it seemed to work. So yeah. Who am I to complain?

Here’s a few included that I recognized Bohemian Rhapsody, Too Much Love Can Kill You and I Was Born To Love You. Mind you most of the OST are English songs and most are old.




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