Mt. Ulap Itogon, Benguet

This is the very first time I climbed a mountain and traversed completely. I’ve climbed Mt. Banahaw multiple times but as my best friend said “You did not even climb 1/4 of it.”. Yeah, I’ve climbed just about 1/8th of the way, every single time.

So February 27, 2017 was the very first time i completely traversed a mountain.


Mt. Ulap is located in Itogon Bunguet. It’s about 1846m above sea level.

We started out ascend at around 5 am, everything was still dark. the first part was a bit hard for me as it really is very steep. For somebody not used to climbing mountains, it’s really hard. #STRUGGLEISREAL indeed.

Mt. Ulap is composed of 3 peaks, reaching the first one they said is the most tiring as it getting there you would really need to climb, in the truest sense of the word. So when I got to the first peak, it’s already an achievement for me.


Note: That’s my best friend right there.


Getting to the second peak was more of scary than it is hard. We had to walk to, probably, about a feet and a half walk way. If you fall, you’re dead. There’s no reset or second lives here. It was really scary. Our guide even shared a story of a girl who fell because of taking selfies. She lived but she had lots of broken bones as per Kuya Jef Asim, our guide.

And because it really is scary, I did not get a chance to take a picture, I just wanted to get it over with. LOL.


Second peak is named Gungal, this is where the famous rock formation is located. People line up just to have their pictures taken atop this huge rock. It took us about an hour under the scorching heat just to have 10 seconds on that rock.

16939198_1817956161555252_8162213238575778518_n 16997806_1817956284888573_7298285821833275360_n


Getting to the third peak is not as hard or as tiring. It’s about 1.2 kilometers from the second peak and another 400m elevation from Gungal.  it’s not as eventful as getting down, honestly.

But the view there was just a sight to behold. It was breath taking. All you can see are clouds, greens and almost whole of Benguet, 360 degrees.


Pardon my fatness. LOL.


After a few minutes on the 3rd peak, the fog started surrounding us. Everything was turning white. They even said that if you take a picture, a 1×1 picture, the cloud can pass up as a white background for it.



The descend was easier for me if not because of my sore feet. I felt like every step down was tearing my feet into pieces.It took us probably an hour and a half to a max of 2 hours to reach the Sta. Fe Exit. We also had to cross 3 “unsafe” hanging bridges. Unsafe, not because it is scary, but because I felt it was constructed poorly.  At around 1 pm, we have already completed the descend.


Over all, it was a great adventure. It was easy because the people we were with were all so nice and fun to be with even though I felt like wanting to go home each time we’re ascending. LOL.


Oh, before I forgot we also went to Baguio as a side trip and man was I disappointed. All the hype was just a hype. Burnham Park, was just a park. I did not find anything special except the temperature of course. The rose garden has no rose to be proud of. Sorry, not sorry.


Me and my best friend are just joiners of #ByaheNiRey group. We payed Php 1,100 each inclusive of food. You can find Byahe ni Rey on Facebook .


I would like thank Mari, for the treat. Love you Beshie. Eeww!!


You can view the full Album of photos on my Facebook page here.





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