Jinkusu!! (Jinx)

Note: I honestly had a hard time writing this.


Spoiler Alert!!


English Title: Jinx!!

Nihonggo: ジンクス!!!

Romaji: Jinkusu!!!


This movie’s maine characters are played by Kento Yamazaki as Yusuke and Kurumi Shimizu as Kaeda. This also stars a Korean actress Yoon Ji-Ho as Hyomin.

This movie is not really the best, and it’s not overly romantic to, but it somehow worked for me. Though it is not enough for me not to rant about his movie.

jinx212121_-_japanese_movie-p2 Image from asianwiki


The image above definitely depicts how Hyomin manipulated Kaede and Yusuke to remake her love story. Understandably Hyomin is devastated as her boyfriend Tae-wong died in an accidental but does that give her the right to play with them? I’m not really mad at her as she really helped to get Kaede and Yusuke together, I just wish she took a different approach instead of having them “reenact” this that she and her late boyfriend did every time they celebrate their 100th day anniversary. Originally Hyomin is just honing Kaede to be just like her, the way Tae-wong groomed her to be like she is now. I do find that wrong I would have preferred it if she just encouraged Kaede to be who she is and just be a better version of her.

I felt sad for Hyomin as it’s been a year yet she still hasn’t forgotten about her boyfriend. I completely understand that it is hard especially if that person helped you become a better you.

I know I am ranting, sorry, a little.

I love how different Kento’s character here, you see him shadow boxing, smiling and be a regular guy. He may still be a little “sad” here like most of his characters, but I think this character suits him. A shy guy who loves Rocky and hats.


IMDb marked this 7.5/10.0, not bad, and you can see it here.

And you can watch it on kissasian, you can find it here.




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