Puerto Princesa, Palawan

This travel log was 3 years late. My best friend and I went to Puerto Princesa back in February 2014. I was already pregnant with my son but I had no frigging idea that I was until we got back from this trip.


I have no blog back then so I’m posting this now.


This trip was a birthday gift to my self and a birthday gift for my best friend, Mari. Originally I only spent Php 2900.00 for the AirAsia round trip tickets for the two of us, although on our trip back home there was a little mishap so I had to spend another Php 9000.00 to get us back home. I made a mistake with the flight date for our return so that’s why I had to spend extra. But that’s something I’ll charge to experience.

The room we rented is good for 2 person for 900 / night and we stayed there for 3 nights.

Every thing we did was not planned. We visited a museum, the Crocodile Farm, Irawan Eco Park, Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, and a secluded beach near the city proper. No, we did not visit the Subterranean River National Park by choice.


First Day: After we settled in our room, we went to the local museum. To get to the museum we just walked, it was just a few minutes walk from our rental place. After wards we went to an old church though we are not able to get in because it’s locked.


Second day: We went to the Crocodile Farm and to Irawan Eco Park.

To get to the Crocodile Farm we had to ride a multicab, I honestly do not remember how much we payed for it. And no, we also did not try the crocodile meat.


Aside from the crocs, the crocodile farm has other animals as well that they shelter. Birds, snakes and boar among others.



Our Irawan Eco Park visit was probably the most remarkable as it was our first time to ride a Zip Line. We originally planned to so the superman pose but decided against it eventually (good thing because I am already pregnant at this time). We paid Php900.oo / person for the zip line. It was a 1.9 kilometers zip line divided into 3 parts.


Do I look pregnant?


After the zip line we fed fishes with sky flakes. I though they were joking at first but they we not. The fish loved sky flakes.

Third day: Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

To get there we rented a tricycle. I believe we payed around Php 300.00. Kuya driver was very accommodating and even shared some stories. I was a bit scared visiting the place because why not? The residents ARE prisoners yet they are free to roam around, wouldn’t you bit scared even a bit?


There was also a nice area within the penal farm, it’s like a lake or a brook, I can’t say exactly. Some part of it was man-made, some were not.


I am sure sure if the visit to the beach happened after our Iwahig visit or the next day. I can’t remember much anymore.

But the beach we visited was beautiful and it was just a few people there with us. It has fine sand. I’ve never been to Boracay to compare how white the sand is there but I’m pretty sure the sand where we went was powdery white.


This was a great experience. It was my first plane ride and with first out of town travel with my best friend. I had fun and I was happy I got to do it before my son was born. ‘Coz with my son and he’s current age it’s hard to be away from him for too long, and if I tag him along it will be very hard and challenging.

Here‘s the full Album posted on Facebook.





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