Majayjay (Taytay) Falls

A/N: This trip happened even before I got this blog, so this is a late post again.


So my best friend invited me to join their day trip to Majayjay Laguna. They’re gonna visit the Taytay falls.

Since the date she mentioned fell on my rest day, I decided to join them. I brought my son with me and another friend from College.

It was a few hours drive from Cubao to Laguna, it could have been shorter if our meet up point is in Cavite where my and Mari, my best friend live, but well…


I’m not really sure how to get there if you commute as we rented a van. we were 9 in the van plud the driver and the kid with him. We were a noisy bunch. We left Cubao at around 5am, to make sure we are not in Manila anymore when the sun comes up as the van we rented is restricted to travel re: Number Coding. LOL.

Taytay falls in nice. You would need to walk about 10 mins from the parking are to the actual falls. The area around it is man-made, walkway and a dike. The area is covered by lots and lots of trees. A good place to camp actually, and when we arrived there are lots of people camping already.



The area we decided to stay for the day has view of the surroundings and as you can see with this picture, there are lots of people aside from us.

I’m a bitΒ sabaw,Β my minds cluttered and I can’t think clearly, so pardon all the wrong grammar and such. I’ll just post more pictures to compensate. HAHA!



From left to right: Me, My Son Elijah Malik, Riva Jain and Mari








Here’s the full album on FB.




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