Another TV series with KimuTaku, my love. LOL.


The series was originally aired back in 2008.


The series starts with Kimura playing Asakura Keita a primary school teacher with an unruly hair, he still looks cute though. Then eventually he changes his image as he was “forced” to run for a political party. It was supposed to be his brother but unfortunately his father and brother died because of a plane crash. Not wanting her mother, who’s currently in a bad condition, to go into politics he decided to run for the office thinking he wouldn’t win. But boy, was he wrong.



I really find him very cute during the first few minutes of the first episode because of his hair. Wouldn’t you agree?


From a grade school teacher, to a parliamentarian to a Prime Minister in less than a year, has this ever happened in the history of Japan before?


I will do my search about Japan’s politician history, soon-ish. Lol.
This is rated 7.8/10 by IMDb and you can see it here. Not bad huh?
And you can watch it here.







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