Zanne (21 and 22)

21. Fierce

“Why can’t you accept the fact that I’ve fallen in love with you? What’s so wrong with that?” Richard asked. “Dei, I love you. I am in love with you.”

“Richard, stop. Just stop.” Nicomaine stood up and walked to the door. “You can go now. NOW!” She said opened it and gestured for Richard to go.

“You know Dei, even if you throw me out that window -” He said pointing at the huge window across the room “- it won’t change the fact that I have fallen in love with you, that I am in love with you.” He walked towards the door and looked at her intently. “You are not a monster, you are not cursed and most specially not soul-less.” He said and walked away.

Before elevator door closed he hear a loud snarl coming from Dei. He can’t help but shiver. “She’s scary sometimes.” he uttered to himself.

After a few minutes Nicomaine heard a knock on her door. Thinking it was Richard again, she opened the door without checking who it was. It proved to be a wrong move.

“Hello Nicomaine.” She was punched in the gut by somebody stronger and faster than her as soon as she opened the door.  She has heard this voice somewhere before. She quickly stood up and looked at the vampire in front of her. She never thought she’d see her again.

“Where is Drake?” The intruder asked.

“He’s dead Sarah.” She said in a fierce tone. “I killed him decades ago.”

“Are you kidding me?” A loud scream came after. “How dare you! You already took his love from me. And now this?” She lunge forward and tried to grab Nicomaine by the arm.

Nicomaine evaded her attack by moving sideways and jumping at the top of the stairs. She took the sword hidden on the railing of the stairs and anticipated another attack. “Stop it Sarah, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re making me laugh Nicomaine. You don’t want to hurt me? You’re not as fierce as I remembered.” Sarah jumped and tried to jump on Nicomaine. “Was it because of the human who left a few minutes before I arrived? I can smell his sweet aroma. Maybe I should just go after him?” With that, Nicomaine lunge with the sword on her hands. She cannot let Sarah hurt Richard. Not when she’s alive, rather, undead.

Sarah evaded all her attacks. They were moving around Nicomaine’s house, causing her furniture and fixture to get destroyed. Sarah failed to notice that a stool leg broke and is now sticking out next to the kitchen counter. Nicomaine saw this and used it to her advantage. She attacked Sarah with the sword again, forcing her to go towards the kitchen counter. After swinging the sword towards Sarah’s direction, she kicked her hard. Sarah then stumbled backwards and the stool leg now acts as a stake through her heart.

“Stay there.” Nicomaine said and sat down the floor. “You know, Drake is a worthless ass. Why do you even bother? What did you see in him?” She asked even though she knows she won’t get any answers.

She took her phone from her pocket and dialed the cleaner’s number. She need her cleaned off of her house.

22. Stupid

“Dei, you’ve been having me do lots of clean ups lately.” Sam said after making sure everything was in order.

“Sorry, this one I did not see coming.” Dei was sitting on her couch. “She just came in and I had to defend myself.”

“I know Dei, I know. It just seemed that you’ve been a trouble magnet recently.” Sam looked at her. “You’ve never needed my services this often before.”

“I hope this is the last time Sam. I don’t want trouble myself, but they seem to be arriving at my door steps, literally.” Dei tried to laugh.

“Why don’t you just go back to Como?” Sam asked. They’ve know each other almost all her un-dead existence.

“Sam, my life, pun intended, is here now.” Dei said.

“Is that literally as well? I’ve heard of rumors that you have someone now.” Sam said fishing for answers. Dei remained silent so he continued. “Lo sai che è stupido (1). You’re a lot smarter than that Nicomaine.” He rarely uses her full name. “You don’t need reminding, I suppose?”

“I know it is stupid. Non c’è bisogno di ricordare a me (2). And I am not having any affair!” She said loudly. She massaged her temple and closed her eyes. “I know it is stupid.” she muttered again.

“Dei, you know I am here. Val, she’s here for you as well. If you need anything, anything at all, let us know ok?” Sam said while patting her on her head. “We’ll be going.”

After hearing the door close Dei can’t help but sigh. “What should I do with you Richard?”

She went to her kitchen and open a secret panel. She took a bag of blood and transfer it to a wine glass.

“I guess I have to make it clear for Richard that we can never be more than what we are now.” She said while looking outside of the windows gazing at a full moon.

She knows Richard is persistent and she is having trouble finding words to make him understand that she is not the one for him.

“Oh Dei, aiutami (2).”


1 – You know it’s stupid.

2 – You don’t have to remind me.

3 – Oh Gods, help me.


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