DIY Umbrella, sort-of. LOL.

So it was drizzling outside, not too strong, but it can definitely get you wet. Unfortunately my handy-dandy umbrella broke a few days back so there I was with no way to shield myself from the rain. I got off the Bus at Estrella, EDSA. There was a 7/11 at the gas station. I decided to get in and look around. I was thinking “Maybe I can afford an umbrella.” But I do not afford an umbrella. Poor me. I only have PhP 42 in my pocket an the cheapest umbrella is PhP 83.

I looked around a bit more. I thought of buying a plastic cover, you know those they use to cover books. I am quite sure it’s cheaper than PhP40 but there is none available. Then, I saw a short plastic folder, I thought I’ll just buy that. Before I paid for it, I saw a longer version of it. So I bought that instead. It was PhP16.

<image here>

It really did a great job of not letting me get wet.

<image here>


So this entry is for saying thank you. LOL. Thanks to 7/11’s Long Plastic Folder, I did not get wet much and it saved me from having flu and colds.


‘Till the next adventure.







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