Good Luck!!

English Title: Good Luck!!

Romaji: Gudoraku

Japanese: グッドラック!!




This time Kimura Takuya’s character is Hajime Shinkai, a co-pilot, aspiring to be a pilot one day. What character hasn’t he portrayed yet?

I like the flow of this series. It’s not as light as I imagined but the character developments flows almost naturally. You see them grow per episode and it’s not dragging, I’ve told you how I wanted to not finish watching “A million stars falling from the sky“, right? With this series I feel the complete opposite. I was enjoying myself. I was laughing with Shinkai, crying with him, getting angry with him and falling in love with him (as in falling in love with Shinkai. LOL. I did tell you how much I love Takuya right?)

First episode already showed a few possible conflicts to come and each one was addressed properly as it neared the end. I like how it ended though the twist near the end made me feel a bit sad.

I feel that the series used the terms appropriately. It was not too much and it didn’t feel forced. It was like they’ve been using such words their whole life. Again, it was flawless.

I liked the other characters too, besides Shinkai and Ayumi. The supporting characters Koda and Togashi gave the series more flavor. And Koda being the cause of a twist, it quite good. And may I just say that Koda’s almost cry scenes are one of the best.


I was a bit worried seeing Kou Shibasaki as Takuya’s partner. The last I saw her with Takuya was in “A million stars falling from the sky“. I liked her character there, as she played it well, so I worried that I might not see her as Ayumi because of that. But she is also a good actress. Even though there was not much of a spark like how I felt between Matsu and Takuya but they looked good together, and they did not feel awkward.


This was rated 7.8/10 by IMDb, you can see it here.

Believe me, this TV series did not need good luck. It was really worth watching.

You can watch it here.


Oh, before I forgot. There are also certain scenes that shows a female Korean named Park Mi-Suk that always calls Shinkai as Shou-kun. I find it cute, even funny, not that I’m making fun of her. Though I actually found her role in the story a little unnecessary, I felt that her presence on certain scenes makes it lighter, funnier even.




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