Saigo no Yakusoku

English Title: Last Promise

Romanji: Saigo no Yakusoku

Kana: 最後の約束




So I learned about Arashi. I’ve known about MatsuJun because of Gokusen but I was not aware that he is a part of a J-Group.

So I was not expecting much with this series, as with the first J-series that has been composed by a girl group did not end up very well. I actually did not see the twist coming, but I’ve been wondering how they’ll be able to get together at some point. I was thinking as to  who would go to such an elaborate plan and what will they gain by doing so?

I have nothing much to say about the Special / Movie for TV as it was really simple, nothing extravagant, but I believe it was executed well.


It was rated 7.5/10 by IMDb, see it here.


If you are a MatsuJun fan then go ahead and watch this, it’s a good show to kill time.

And you can watch it here.




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