A Life: A LOVE

  • English Title: A Life: A Love (English title)
  • Romaji: A LIFE: Kanashiki Hito
  • Japanese: A LIFE: 愛しき人


As I have said time and again, I really love Kimura Takuya. This time, I met Takuya again as Dr. Kazu Okita a surgeon who has performed over 6000 surgeries over the past 10 years. He was based in Seattle and was asked to come back to Japan to operate on Dir Danjo, the Director of the hospital he used to work for before getting the opportunity to go overseas and eventually staying at the hospital to work there again.

When I started watching I already had myself ready. After reading a few reviews, I’ve already accepted the fact that “A Life” will have little to no love or romantic aspect at all. I am all ok with that as Kimura is a great actor and I was, and still am, almost 100% sure that his acting prowess will never fail me. And I am right. Aside from aging gracefully, he’s still freaking hot btw, he may have even improved his acting skills more. Plus, I honestly did not notice right away that Dr. Danjo Mifuyu was the same leading lady in Pride. I would say she looked a bit different, though there are some angles where I still recognized her. If not for the recommendations and comments on MDL, I wouldn’t even notice that they are the same person. And for what its worth, I enjoyed more of Dr. Kazu’s and Nurse S’ interaction.

The medical side of this series has a huge differencs with Doctor X, one of the medical jdramas I enjoy and I love that fact. It made me want to watch more as I don’t feel like saying “I’ve seen this before.. yada… yada… yada…”

The first episode is already intense, failing at first and then eventually redeeming himself with another surgery. I also found it appealing that he saw his patient’s heart like it was right infront of him before he figured things out.

Some may find the story boring and common, but as the writer I know once said “Stories are mostly the same, same story line and same plot, what makes it good and/or stand out is how it was executed.” And I believe “A Life” was executed well.

Each episodes shows how Okita Sensei is able to help somebody grow individually as a human being or as a doctor or Nurse, may it be intentionally or not. I love how they humanize the characters in a way that people watching can relate to each one of them in a personal level.
I would also like to point out that even though Masao’s and Kazu’ friendship may be imperfect, but it is relateable, as it really happens in real life. Some really has those kinds of “friends” who say they mean well but has hidden agenda.
If there’s one this I DO NOT LIKE in thos series it’s the bodies they are operate, it obviously looks like a dummy, those use for testing theories and such. They could’ve a made it look more real.
It was rated /10 by IMDb, see it here.

I would definitely suggest you watch it, here.


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